When Does Penis Size Matter? You’re Not Going To Expect Where This Is Going…

matters of penis sizeThe suggestive image to my left pretty much sums up every guy’s worst nightmare. For all we know, these hot girls are looking at something funny the camera man did. And this would never happen to any guy in real life. I mean… what’re ya gonna do? Whip out your dong in public in front of a pack of popular girls? Do you think they’d laugh at you lookin’ all sexy like this?

Not gonna happen.

But still… it’s your worst nightmare, isn’t it?

Well fellas… turns out that all is not so dark as it seems. You see, women only want to be fucked by really big penises when they are having one night stands. But a really large dick is not a requirement for a long term relationship. Sorta the same way that us guys only want girls with really big hooters for one night stands only.

He he… okay I’m pushing my luck here. Granted, us guys want big knockers every second of every day, preferably for as long as we live. But you know what I mean, right? Sure… it would be fun to fuck a girl that’s got a double F cup. But for the long term… you’d settle for a girl with a decent C cup, wouldn’t you?

Anyhoo… here’s the research that tells it like it is.

Women are as much different from us men as they are the same. Sure, they dream of large cocks every once in a while. But they can’t be taking extremely huge dicks up their pussies all their lives, because really big dongs hurt women. And I’m sure you can imagine why. Don’t believe the hype that porn is trying to cram down your throat.

Besides… women care more about your penis’ girth than they do about its length, anyway. You see, women have this whole forest of nerve endings in their vajayjays that make it so that they are really sensitive to being stretched. So even if you do have a shorter than average penis, you will still be able to please your girl provided you’ve got some girth at the bottom of your cock.

Most guys do have plenty of girth… so in most cases, your penis is just fine the way it is. Even if you think that it isn’t. But if you insist on increasing either your girth or your length, then I recommend that you have a look at these girth enhancing dick exercises that I’ve posted on this site. Completely for free. Especially for you. Don’t even thank me.

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