4. What You Really Need To Know About Penis Enlargement Products!

various types of penis extension tools

Let’s face it… you want a bigger penis. Don’t fret, because you are not alone. Just about every man out there is unhappy with his penis at one time or another. And if you have ever opened a magazine and skimmed the advertisements, there is no doubt in my mind that (amidst the never ending ocean of tooth whitener advertisements) you’ve come across some kind of penis size enhancement device and/or drug.

Having to sift through all that stuff can make a guy feel lost in the woods sometimes. It’s happened to me on many occasions already. Being unhappy about the size of your own best friend, can be pretty devastating. Some of us get all obsessed about it and manage to talk ourselves down for ‘not being big enough to please our women’.

On The Psychology Of Penis Size

Sometimes, these kinds of self destructive thoughts can go on for many weeks, months, years even… If you’re not careful, your mental well being is going to spiral down the shit can. And you don’t want to feel depressed over your penis your whole life, do you?

Most men have, by definition, an average sized penis. And just so long as you’re not living in China (where the average penis size is about 4 inches, the smallest in the world), there is nothing wrong with an average sized penis. A confident guy with a decent amount of stamina can perfectly please a woman for many hours per day with an average sized penis.

Sure, it’s no fun being slightly below the average. But hardly anybody is exactly the average size. You’re always going to be a little bit off (whether it be on the downside or the upside). Most guys will be (once again, by definition) somewhere around the average. Only very few men actually have micro penises, which are no longer than 1.5 to 2 inches when fully erect.

Micro penises are very hard to enlarge (pun intended). It’s easier to do when you’ve got some basic length to begin with. But even guys with a 2 inch boner can still find and please women! Don’t take my word for it. Google it yourself if you have to.

So all in all, gentlemen… it’s all inside our heads. I estimate that 99% of all guys are perfectly capable of pleasing women with the tools they’ve already got. But it’s perfectly normal to want to improve on your current situation. We are living in a competitive world and we have to make sure we keep up with the Joneses. The grass is always greener somewhere else!

Precautions To Take When Trying To Enlarge Your Penis

I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I tell you that many men have tried to increase the size of their penis in the past. Not all have been successful. Some have, though. Because the size of the penis really can be extended. You’ve just got to know what you’re doing.

A word of caution, though. If you don’t know what you’re doing, or you do know what you’re doing and you’re not careful, you are at risk of damaging your willy beyond repair. You don’t want to lose your potency in your quest for a bigger penis, so please be careful.

Once you’ve made up your mind and you’re totally serious about taking action to enlarge your penis, then please adhere to following guidelines:

1. Be prepared to do your research on this topic. Inform yourself as best as you can. Take no rash decisions in trying anything. Try to avoid wasting your hard earned money on stuff that doesn’t work.

2. Accept the fact that you will either have to invest time, energy, money or a combination thereof. Most things in life cost money, and so does a bigger penis.

3. Never, ever, risk your own health when trying to enlarge your penis. Don’t even think about hanging your 20 pound dumbbells on there, because you’ll only mutilate your own genitals by doing so.

4. When going for supplements, make sure that you know what kind of ingredients there are in the supplements. Do your research on all of them.

5. When going down the surgical road, make sure that the surgeon that’s going to treat you has a good reputation and knows what he’s doing. You don’t want to become the victim of botched surgery.

6. Be really wary of scams. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to find out that there are plenty of people trying to capitalize on men’s greatest insecurity.

7. Be very cautious when it comes to solutions that require you to be rebilled month after month. It’s always best when you are able to make a one time purchase and be done with it.

8. Don’t buy cheap imitation stuff from unknown vendors that do not have a solid reputation. When it comes to penis extension, you pretty much get what you pay for!

What Kind Of Penis Enlargement Products Are Currently Available On The Market?

There are various products that claim to be able to give you a larger penis. Let’s have a look at some of the most well known!

Penis Weights

The most common and low tech solution to increasing the size of your penis, have to be the weights. The concept is simple: you hang weights from you penis and let gravity do the rest. You can buy weights like these for very little money. It’s a low tech solution, after all. They’re just weights!

You have to attach them to your penis manually. The weights have to be positioned behind the penis glands and you will have to raise and suspend them for a certain amount of time each day.

I know what you’re thinking… you’re thinking that if you just let them hang there for many hours a day, by the end of the month you’ll have a monster cock like the guys in the porn movies.

Don’t even think about it. You’ll seriously damage your genitals if you choose to do so anyway. The exercise isn’t supposed to take longer than 10 minutes a day. But it should also not be done for less than 5 minutes a day.

Using weights is probably the cheapest way of extending the length of your penis. The results are varied. Not everybody performs the exercises as often or as well as they ought to be performed. And even for the guys that do perform the exercises, the results are going to vary.

The upside to this method is that it is a low tech, cheap an simple method that you can definitely get results with. But only you hang in there long enough (pun intended!).

The downside to this method is that you have to make sure you perform the exercises correctly and for a number of days in a row.

Penis Pump

The pump is a slightly more high tech solution than the weights, but still pretty low tech as far as penis extension devices are concerned. The pump part of a penis pump has a cylinder attach to it. This cylinder is airtight, so that it can be sucked vacuum. You place your penis inside of this vacuum and you start pumping.

You should never pump it up too fast, or you will run the risk of painfully damaging yourself. Any decent and safe penis pump won’t even let you pump it up fast, anyway. The vacuum forces blood into the circulatory system inside of your penis. This will give you a full erection in a minute or two.

Penis pumps often come with constriction rings, that you will have to place at the root of your penis once you have pumped it up to a fully erect state. This ensures that your erection will last.

When achieving an erection with a penis pump, your erection will be larger than it would’ve been without the pump. However, the effects of this are temporary. But then again, you only need an enlarged penis for intercourse, do you not? Thankfully, the size increase lasts long enough for at least an hour or two of intercourse.

Be careful with constriction rings. They should never be on too tight. As a matter of fact, they should only squeeze very slightly, which is enough to keep a sufficient amount of blood inside your penis during your bedroom adventures. Always keep an eye on your penis when using a constriction ring!

The upside to this method is that it actually works, albeit temporarily.

The downside is that you can suffer from side effects (damaged arteries) if you’re not careful.

Penis Pills

Another way of increasing your size, is by taking the right supplements. Don’t rely on supplements alone to turn your 5 incher into a 6 incher, though. It’s always best to use supplements as an extra to an already healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.

While many people don’t view supplements as a real solution, they aren’t completely ineffective either. Just don’t expect any miracles. But the fact of the matter is that penis pills contain a healthy mixture of amino acids, vitamins, herbs and whatnot, which can have a positive effect on your penis’ functionality.

A popular supplement is L-arginine, for example. It is well known to increase the overall blood flow in your body, and therefore also in your penis. L-arginine works by decreasing the tension of your arteries, which makes it easier for blood to flow.

Yet other ingredients will help you achieve higher testosterone levels. And you know what they say… you can never have too much testosterone! Having a healthy testosterone level will increase your libido.

A good, healthy sex drive is essential when it comes to performing well in the sack. High arousal levels will give you bigger erections more easily and they’ll last longer as well!

The upside to supplements is that they can play a role in actually improving your health, thereby tackling the problem at the root.

The downside to supplements is that they are an ongoing expense. You’ll have to wait a few days or weeks to notice the results. And when you quit them, the health benefit they gave will likely disappear.

Penis Lotions

If supplements aren’t your thing, you can also choose to go with lotions. But like with the supplements, the lotions contain ingredients that are supposed to increase your size.

The idea behind the extracts and antioxidants that size increasing lotions contain, is that the blood flow in your penis is improved. Like with many other methods, this will increase the size of your best friend.

The upside to lotions is that they work pretty much instantly because you apply the lotion directly to the penis. The lotion’s ingredients are absorbed through the skin right away and the circulation gets going.

You get the added bonus of getting a warm, tingly feeling with some of the lotions out there (but not all of them!).

The downside to lotions is that their effects are temporary, just like with the penis pump.

Penis Extenders

I’ve saved the best for last. The penis extender is my absolute personal favorite of all methods. I’ve used it myself with significant effects on my penis size. Penis extension devices are devices that will apply a certain level of pressure onto the penis in order to slightly stretch it bit by bit, over a longer period of time.

Penis extension devices work based on the principle that if you stretch human tissue frequently, eventually the cells in this area will multiply and you will end up more tissue. In the case of extension devices such as these, an increase in tissue mass means means an increase in the length of your penis.

Like with the weights, you’ll have to use a penis extender consistently over a certain period of time. And we’re talking at least weeks here. Oh, and you’ll also need to wear an extension device for multiple hours per day. Beginners need to start with 3 hours a day. Once you’ve grown accustomed to it, the recommendation is to wear it 6 to 8 hours a day.

More often than not, a significant increase in penis size can be observed with the naked eye after about a month of correct and consistent usage.

Penis extenders are nothing new and have been around for years already. The great thing is that, with the latest generation, there has been much improvement in both the effectiveness as well as the comfort level. There is always going to be some discomfort with wearable extension devices. But you have to be realistic about this… no device will ever be as comfortable as not wearing a device at all!

Modern day extension devices are reasonably comfortable and come with a harness that only needs to be taken off when going to the bathroom.

The upside to extension devices is that they actually work and give you long term, permanent results. All without surgery. It’s also a one off payment. No ongoing expenses such as with supplements and lotions. And also: no surgery!

The downside to extension devices is that they aren’t exactly the cheapest method of increasing penis size. They will also have to be used for at least a few weeks (preferably months). Some people consider extension devices cumbersome, especially for such extended periods of time (pun intended!).

But you have to be realistic about it. You can’t significantly alter the human body in minutes. When you go to the gym, do you expect to walk out with bulding muscles after your first visit?

Extenders will require you to take your sweet time, but boy oh boy does it feel good when you finally see that extra inch coming on after your first month!

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