15. What To Do When You Are Not Gaining Size?

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Every man has his own reasons for starting a penile exercising program. Some want a thicker penis, others want a longer one. Others think the size is just fine, but want to increase how hard the penis gets.

The penis training program I laid out for you in my previous post, is going to help you accomplish all of these goals. You have to perform the training correctly, ofcourse. Otherwise there are going to be no gains for you.

Remember to always use your common sense. This goes for as well as before even starting your training, as well as during your training!

How Do I Screw Up My Penis Training To Make Sure I’ll Gain No Size At All?

There are various ways for you to screw up your training and prevent yourself from gaining. Plenty of men don’t take the time to inform themselves well before they start with the exercises. A few weeks later, they’re left with a sore and flaccid penis and they wonder why they aren’t 2 inches bigger.

Let’s say that you wanted to screw up your training to make sure you gain nothing and end up with a sore penis.

You could:

  1. increase the intensity of your exercises by too much
  2. increase the intensity of your exercises too quickly
  3. neglect warming up your penis
  4. not listen to the signals your body is sending you
  5. never take the time to figure which regimen works best for you, personally
  6. do the stretch exercise and the jelq exercise, but neglect the Kegel exercise
  7. do nothing but Kegels, but neglect the stretch exercise and the jelq exercise
  8. warm up your penis after your workout instead of before
  9. not take a break when you’ve (accidentally?) overtrained your penis and you’ve hit a plateau in your gains
  10. strongly feel that you need to suffer through physical pain, otherwise you’ll have no gain
  11. completely disregard JAI stretches
  12. get angry at yourself for not getting any or enough gains

See all the things that can go wrong when you’re trying to naturally enlarge your penis through exercises?

It’s not just stretching and squeezing your willy randomly. That’s not going to get you the gains. If it were that easy, monkeys could do it too.

Rest assured that monkeys cannot, in fact, outperform us humans when it comes to penile enlargement.

But I stray… back to the list!

Those are 12 points that I wrote down right off the top of my head (in no particular order). Most points will speak for themselves and require no further explanation. But let’s talk about these points anyway. I want to hammer these points home as clear as I possibly can.

Points 1 and 2 mention too much intensity increase too quickly. This leads to overtraining, which is a big no-no.

Points 3 and 8 mention warming ups. It’s important that you never ignore the warming up before your training. Warming up your penis is very important if you want to get those gains.

Doing the warming up after the workout is not gonna help anything. Matter of fact, some men report that post workout warming ups actually are actually counter effective.

Points 4, 5 and 9 mention something related to using your common sense while performing the exercises. It’s important that you take the time to ‘listen to your penis’ and figure out what kind of exercise it likes best.

It’s also important that you know when to step back a little. Too much intensity (doing exercises too often and too long) can kill any of the gains you would’ve gotten if only you had slowed down a little.

Points 6 and 7 mention performing some exercises but neglecting others. Not recommended. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right! If you don’t get it right, you’ll only be pissing away your valuable time.

Point 10 mentions the ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality. This is a good mentality to have at the gym. And that mentality should stay there. With the penis, it isn’t going to work. If you have this mentality, you only run the risk to overtrain.

And a penis is a pretty delicate body part. As soon as you start hurting it, you’ll overtrain it. Overtraining leads to all sorts of shit you’re not going to like. So just don’t bother overtraining your penis on purpose.

Point 11 mentions the JAI stretches, which you can easily do in between your regular exercises. You can perform them while spending a minute or two on the toilet. You can do these at work easily. They’re a simple and lightweight exercise to work in and get that extra edge in your training.

Point 12 mentions the mindset you ought to have during penis exercise. If you’re going to get pissed at yourself for not getting those gains you’ve been wanting so bad… you’re only going to get frustrated.

It’s always best to stay calm. If you get frustrated, you only run the risk of getting angry with your weener and going to rough on it. Once again, this will lead to overtraining. Not good!

How Do I Deal With Intensity Increases In My Penis Training?

By now, assuming you haven’t skipped ahead to this section of the article (and if you have, please go back up and read the whole article!), you’ll already know and realize exactly how important it is to properly increase the intensity of your penile enlargement exercises.

Increasing the intensity of penis training can be done in 2 ways, namely:

  1. performing them more often
  2. performing them for a longer time

Either one of these increases the intensity of your exercises significantly. Both of them will increase the intensity by a whole lot.

By now, you’ll also know that you should be increasing the intensity by too much and too quickly, because it leads to overtraining.

When you’ve overtrained, you’re going to have to give your willy a rest. And more often than not, a few days of rest aren’t going to cut it anymore. Sometimes, you’re going to require a whole month of rest.

You see, when overtraining the penis, you’ll:

  1. get no results
  2. condition the penis to take the daily onslaught of stretches and jelqs

Once the penis is conditioned, it doesn’t respond as well to training anymore. It’s the same with gym training. As you do it more often, your body gets used to it.

And when that happens, the body doesn’t respond as strongly to the exercise you’re attacking it with anymore. Oftentimes, it’s necessary to either take a multiple week break from the exercises you’re performing, by performing a whole ‘nother collection of exercises.

With the penis, taking a break seems to be the only thing that works. I can’t say I’m too surprised. It’s a pretty sensitive body part that needs to be treated well.

So all in all, it’s best to just never overtrain. Overtraining will require you to take large breaks from the training, further postponing your penis size increases.

So How Can I Avoid Overtraining?

Avoiding overtraining can be hard sometimes. But you’re going to find that out for yourself.

I highly recommend doing anything in your power to avoid overtraining at all costs. Luckily for my readers, I know of a great way to avoid overtraining that seems to work for most men that try it.

Let’s say you’ve just started your penis training with the beginner’s routines laid out for you on this website. You decide you’re going to perform them for a total of 2 months, which works out to 9 weeks.

Let’s say that in the first 3 weeks of your training, you gain half an inch. Now let’s say that in the second 3 weeks of your training, you’re gaining a quarter of an inch. And now let’s say that in the third 3 weeks of your training, you gain nothing at all.

If you’ve performed the exact same beginner’s training for all those 9 weeks, then it’s safe to say that, with your current intensity, you’ve reached a plateau. Because penis gains have come to a completely halt now.

This would be a safe time for you to up the intensity. If the current intensity isn’t working anymore, then obviously your penis is ready for a higher intensity. That means you get to up the exercise length and/or frequency by a little bit.

I’ve emphasyzed ‘by a little bit’ just to remind you of what’s important here. If you’re going to deal with intensity increases sensibly, then have the courtesy towards your penis of doing it right.

You’re doing it like that to prevent overtraining. So… prevent overtraining!

Track Your Gains In A Personal Penis Log Book

Sometimes, I don’t even want to think about the number of guys out there that think they’re not gaining because they’re simply not logging their progress.

Listen, fellas… you might feel a little silly holding a straight edge ruler next to your penis and writing down your observations, but it’s necessary… okay.

Besides, you’re all alone when you’re measuring your cock, so there’s nothing to feel ashamed off. Just make sure your log book doesn’t fall in anybody else’s hands.

Most of you will use a digital spreadsheet to track your progress. But files sometimes leak to places where we don’t want them to leak to. That’s why I highly recommend that you do not blatantly place that spreadsheet on your desktop. Not if you’re a family man and other people are using the computer, anyway.

Find a safe way to store it. Use an online file storage service that only you have the login and password to. You can also keep your penis log file anonymous by not titling it:

“Peter’s Personal Penis Size Gaining Spreadsheet”

Instead, you could label it:

“Porky Pig’s Personal Diary”

That way, when somebody finds it… they’ll never know what all those log entries mean!

Just an idea.

When tracking your progress, measure the following:

  1. penis length
  2. penis girth around the base
  3. penis girth in the middle of the shaft
  4. penis girth right under the head

Write these down every week or so.

Only then will you be able to clearly tell whether you are gaining size or not.

It’s not going to be obvious if you don’t write it down. You’re only going to be gaining a little bit every week. The human eye can’t see that little progress over that much time.

What Else Do I Need To Know That Can Help Me Turn My Penis Training Into A Grand Success?

I’m glad you aksed! There is a little topic that I haven’t touched on yet. And that’s the topic of variations in your erection hardness when performing the exercises.

This is especially important for when you’ve hit a plateau and you feel you can’t gain anymore. What you can try, is try performing your workouts with a different erection hardness than the one you had previously.

Remember, nobody ever does these exercises with a fully erect penis. Not even the pros with 4 years of experience and who’ve gained 2.5 inches already.

For beginners, the exercises begin with less than half of an erection. Keep in mind that half an erection isn’t anywhere close to standing straight up. With half an erection, your penis will be much larger than a flaccid one… but still flexible!

Within that spectrum of being completely flaccid and having half an erection, there is plenty of room for experimentation. So I suggest you make use of that.

Experimentation and observing its results, is something that I highly recommend.

Following a plan is a good thing that can help you get results. But once experience starts kicking in, you can start thinking for yourself a little more often.

Some men claim that different erection levels make a difference in the outcome of the jelq exercise. They say that jelqing with harder erections has more of an impact on the length, while jelqing with softer erections has more of an impact on the girth.

In Summary

If you’re performing penile enlargement exercises and you’re not gaining size, you are probably doing something wrong!

In most cases, it means you’re overtraining. Avoid overtraining at all costs, because you can only recover from it with lengthy breaks from your training.

Overtraining costs you precious time!

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