16. What Problems Can Arise During Penile Enlargement Exercises?


If you’ve kept track of the posts I’ve put on this website in the last few days and you’re still reading this… then odds are I no longer need to convince you that penile enlargement exercise is the real deal.¬†Exercising your willy to enhance its size is rapidly catching on all throughout the world these days.

What do you expect? More and more people are discovering that it is indeed the real deal. I’ve always thought penis enlargement was a hoax myself, until I started performing exercises. I must confess that I’ve also had a little help from a penis extender.

But I feel the exercises in combination with the extender was the right one for me. I always made sure to exercise and extend very carefully. Not once did I overtrain and cause adverse effects.

However, there are plenty of guys that do. And more often then not, they’ll be suffering from:

  • bruising
  • dry skin
  • soreness / pain
  • penis spotting / darkening
  • temporary impotence

These things can be caused by incorrectly performing exercises. In most cases ‘incorrectly’ will mean ‘with too much intensity’. I’ve warned of the dangers of overtraining on more than one occasion already. But I know that, despite my best efforts to inform you as well as I can, some of you will still overtrain.

Never, ever, ever decide to jelq and stretch your penis for 45 minutes when you are a beginner in his first few weeks. It’s a bad idea. You’ll more than likely suffer the consequences.

What Should I Do When I Suffer From Any Of The Above Listed Side Effects?

The list of side effects above is by no means exhaustive. You can also be suffering from other things that aren’t listed here, but your common sense tells you that they’re just not right!

In that case, depending on how serious your condition is, you should either stop exercising and give yourself rest right away, or you should go see a doctor.

The penis is a very flexible organ and is good at healing injuries. Most effects will be temporary!

Penis Darkening

One effect might be permanent, though. And that is the darkening of the penis.

Some guys start out with a penis that is naturally darker than the rest of their bodies. But there are plenty of guys that have never had a penis darker than the rest of their skin.

In a small group of men, a light penis can turn into a dark penis through penile exercise. And not every guy likes it!

If you want to avoid a darker penis through penile exercises, there are steps you can take.

Some men are more prone to developing a darker penis than others. And you never know upfront whether you’re a guy who is going to darken his penis through exercise or not.

The only way you’ll ever find out is if it actually happens to you. But if you don’t want it to happen to you, then it’s very important that you exercise lightly.

You see, most guys who have experienced darkened penises, admit to:

  • having upped the intensity a little too quickly
  • neglected their warming ups or used sloppy warming ups
  • did not take a break when their bodies told them to do so

When you notice your penis getting darker, be real honest with yourself about how you are performing your warming ups and your exercises. If you’re purposely overtraining, then that’s most likely the cause of your darker penis.

In most cases, a penis that has just begun to darken, can return to its normal color after it is given a break for a few days. But please keep in mind that, the darker your penis has become, the longer it will take to return to its original color. If you’re lucky enough that it return to normal at all!

After that, it’s very important that you do your warming ups right and for long enough. You can also follow up a warming up with a massage that lasts a few minutes. After that, also make sure you perform the exercises at the recommended intensity levels that are right for your own experience level.

Noticing penis darkening is often very difficult. It’s not like you start out with a white penis one day, do some exercises, and then have a black penis the next day. It’s much more subtle than that. And once you notice it, the penis has already discolored over a fairly long period of time.

How Can I Nip Penis Darkening In The Bud Before It Gets Out Of Hand?

If you want to make sure to become aware of penis darkening in time, then also take pictures of your penis. You can do it at the same time as when you are jotting down your weekly measurements.

Every time you open up your penis size logging spreadsheet to make a new entry, also take a picture and make sure to supply it with a date.

Also very important: make sure you always take the picture under the same lighting conditions. Otherwise you’re just fooling yourself when it comes to tracking your penis’ color.

When you do so, also make sure that you don’t forget to have a look at all the photos of the previous weeks whenever you are adding a new one. It’s the only way to nip penis darkening in the bud as quickly as you can!

In Summary

Penis exercises are generally safe. Especially if you perform them correctly and avoid overtraining like the black plague.

The only way you’ll ever perform the exercises correctly, is to inform yourself correctly. One way of doing this is by reading the posts I’ve made on this website regarding natural penis enlargement.

A good start for beginners would be to read my Beginner’s Penile Exercise Routine post. Read it in its entirety and make sure to follow the links therein.

Should you suffer any side effects during your exercises, either take a break or visit your doctor. Whichever option suits you is something that you know best. It depends entirely on the seriousness of your condition.

Good luck performing your exercises safely!

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