13. The Stretch: A Basic Penis Exercise For Gaining Inches

long sausageIn my previous post, I’ve talked about the jelq, a very basic penile exercise that will give you more girth. The stretch exercise is of equal importance. Some might even say it’s more important, because it adds length. Please keep in mind that women predominantly long for more girth. But to each his own.

As the name of the exercise suggests, this exercise involves stretching your penis in order to make it longer. By stretching the penis a certain amount of times per day, eventually, it will grow longer.

A short overview. The two basic penis exercises are:

  1. the jelq
  2. the stretch

Like with the jelq, please make sure to:

1. Do a penis warming up.

2. Give your penis plenty of rest in between exercises.

3. Not Overtrain your penis.

Unlike with the jelq, you do not require a lubricant for this exercise. This exercise, by nature, puts you at a much lower risk of skin chafing than jelqing does.

What is still very important however, is that you get that warming up just like you do with the jelq. I can not emphasyze this enough, guys. Warm up that penis!

You never have to warm up twice, though. If you’re already warmed up and you’ve already done your jelqing exercise, then you get go right ahead and start with the stretch exercises.

Before I get to the instructions on how to perform the stretch, first let me explain to you how it works. You see, for you to know exactly how it works, is very important. It will convince you that it actually can work, thereby taking away your fear that you are pissing away your valueable time with a penile stretching exercises.

Can I Really Stretch My Penis In Order For It To Grow Lengthier?

You sure can! And here’s how!

When you stretch most materials, eventually they’ll become longer. The same principe applies for organic tissue, which the penis is made of. It is possible to stretch the penis to add length, the same way it is possible to add length to somebody’s legs.

You may have heard of surgical leg lengthening procedures before. Like with penis lengthening, you do not get instant gains. Instead, with leg lengthening you get a rod with cranks implanted in your leg. Every few days / weeks / months, you turn the crank a little bit, thereby lengthening the rod.

You keep this rod in your leg for as long as necessary. Some people need to gain more leg length than others.

Thankfully, for exercising your penis in order to become longer, you won’t need to have a rod surgically placed inside of your manhood. Thankfully, this exercise is just that… an exercise. No surgery of any kind is involved!

Don’t you just love it when things are simple? 🙂

So What Exactly Is Going On Inside My Own Tissue When It Is Being Stretched?

The human body consists of roughly 10 trillion cells. Estimates on how many cells the body has, vary wildly. Some say there are 50 trillion. Some say 100 trillion. But I’m assuming the 10 trillion estimate right now. This one seems to be the most conventional.

These 10 trillion cells are being held together by a framework. This framework is called the extracellular matrix and it is made of carbohydrates, proteins, and some other substances that aren’t important enough to list here.

As I’m sure you already know, human tissue can be stretched temporarily. This causes the entire extracellular matrix, with all the cells therein, to stretch.

If you pinch the skin of your arm and slowly lift it up, your skin stretches along. As soon as you let go, it stretches right back to its original shape.

But if only you perform such a stretching often enough, you will have stretched the extracellular matrix permanently. The extracellular matrix will be bigger, it will be able to hold more cells.

And if your body were to not produce more cells, the stretched extracellular matrix would have space left. Turns out the body doesn’t like this much. It likes to fill up the extracellular matrix. So it grows more cells.

The end result is a larger tissue volume. In this case, that directly translates to a larger cock.

It goes without saying that instant gains are impossible with this exercise. But then again, I’m not pushing any instant fixes on this site anyway. On this website, I give you information that is the real deal. And real gains in penis size are going to take time.

So Tell Me How To Perform The Stretch Exercise Already!

By going through the following list of instructions, you can perform the stretch on yourself:

1. Get yourself in a comfortable position. For this exercise, you can be standing, lying down, or sitting. Just take on position that’s comfortable to you and gives you freedom of motion.

2. Give yourself the ever so important warming up. Unless you’ve already warmed up before jelqing. If you’ve already done that, you can get started right away.

3. Assuming your penis is near flaccid, grab it anywhere except at the head. The head is very sensitive and should be treated with respect at all times!

4. Slowly and gently stretch the penis for 30 seconds. You’ll always need to know exactly when 30 seconds have passed. So make sure you can look at a clock or a watch. I personally like to use online stopwatch.

5. When 30 seconds have passed, let go. Right after releasing the stretch, you must get the blood flow inside your penis going again. You can do this by doing a few Kegels. Another way is to gently slapping your penis around a bit (playfully, like you would when you’re trying to impress a girl in bed ;)).

How Many Penis Stretches Should I Do?

One exercise consists of stretching your penis for 30 seconds in all of these 4 directions:

  1. up
  2. down
  3. left
  4. right

Stretching in multiple directions is very important. With every direction, you are exercising your penis in multiple areas.

In order to grow a larger chest, you wouldn’t perform just bench presses at the gym, would you? No, you’d do multiple chest exercises! Every guy with at least a year of experience will be able to teach you the importance of variety.

I suggest you perform this exercise either 2 or 3 times. One exercise will likely take you no more than 2.5 minutes. So doing them 2 to 3 times will cost you respectively 5 minutes and 7.5 minutes.

Experiment with what you can take and quickly make a plan for yourself. Then stick to the plan no matter what.

Can’t I Just Stretch The Penis Outwards?

Yeah, you can. If you want, you can incorporate the straight stretch into the exercise lined out above. In this case, you’re stretching in 5 directions instead of 4. Usually, 4 directions is enough. But if you feel you have something to gain from also stretching straight outward… go right ahead.

Just never dump the other 4 directions. Let’s face it… 4 directions is already a lot. Much better to leave out the straight out direction than the other 4. If you’re ever going to make certain directions optional… make sure it’s the straight outwards one!

What Effects Will Penis Stretching Have Besides The Obvious One?

Some guys are worried that if you stretch the penis, it’s going to get thinner. While the thinning effect is very clear to see in stretched out rubber bands, organic tissue responds differently.

Remember the extracellular matrix? It can be stretched so it can have more space to accomodate more cells. Stretching an extracellular matrix to increase the length of certain body parts is definitely possible. But to shorten it… that’s a whole ‘nother story!

To shorten organic tissue, you would need to perform the opposite of stretching, which is to compress it.

But by compressing organic tissue, you’re not going to make it smaller. This is pretty much for the same reason that you can’t compress a rubber band to become smaller. You’d need machine power to compress the molecules of the rubber band in order for it to be smaller.

When actually performing the stretches, your penis might look thinner in certain places. But you are nowhere near applying enough compression to the penis to slowly compress it over time. This is where the penis / rubber band analogy ends.

In order to compress organic tissue, you’d need to exert serious force to it for long periods of time. I highly recommend that you do not try this. I mean… what do you think will happen when compressing human tissue? You’d basically be destroying cells and wounding yourself. Organic tissue doesn’t want to be compressed.

Stretching tissue is much easier than it is to make it compress. If you want to know what I mean, look up images of ex morbidly obese people. As far as I know, all of them have left over skin.

That skin did one hell of a job stretching outwards to accomodate a growing belly. But past a certain point, the skin does not stretch back to its original form after the belly has gone away.

Some men even report that they gain girth (as opposed to losing it) from performing stretching exercises alone. Mother Nature works in mysterious ways.

So look on the bright side: this is the reason why penis size gains can often be permanent!

What If I Get An Erection During Stretching?

Most people don’t, because stretching isn’t nearly as physically stimulating as jelqing is. However, if you do get an erection against your own will… stop, pause and try the exercise again later on.

If you keep getting erections during your exercise, then you might be walking around with a loaded gun. In that case, it could help to just masturbate and give yourself some (apparently much needed) relief.

I do not recommend stretching right after masturbation. It just feels wrong. After orgasming, the penis requires some rest. In my experience, 15 minutes or so will be enough rest. Then it’s safe to start your exercises again. Without erections this time, hopefully.

A Variation To Basic Stretches: JAI Stretches

The exercise outlined above is the basic stretch. It’s the most basic stretching exercise there is. But there are others.

After the basic stretch, you most often hear about the JAI stretch. The JAI stretch takes the basic idea behind the basic stretch and modifies it slightly.

With the JAI stretch, you use many quick (but still gentle!) tugs on the penis, instead of a few longer ones. I say ‘still gentle’, because you always need to be going relatively easy on your own crown jewels. But still… the tugs you give with JAI stretches should be slightly harder than the ones you do with the basic stretch.

When performing JAI stretches, you never stretch the penis for more than 2 seconds. You can do this as many times as you like. Just use your common sense. Never continue when your penis starts feeling sore, because that’s a clear indication of overtraining.

The great thing about the JAI stretch is that you can it whenever you feel. You can even perform this exercise when you’re at the toilet. For any guy that has a 9 to 5 day job, the JAI stretch can easily be worked into your schedule. You go to the toilet 3 or 4 times a day, don’t you?

Well, there you go. An excellent moment for you to perform 20 quick JAI stretches. After coming out of the toilet, maybe you’ll go back to your office chair or a meeting room… and you can work in some Kegel exercises without anybody seeing it! 😉

Like I said above, JAI stretches need to be performed slightly harder than basic stretches. The risk here is (you’ve guessed it) that you will be stretching too hard.

To keep yourself from stretching too hard, watch what you’re doing. If you’re pulling your penis so hard that you can see the ligaments at the top of the base at your penis lifting up your skin… then that is a clear indication that you’re going to hard on yourself.

In Summary

Stretching is a simple exercise that anybody can learn to do in a few minutes. As an added bonus… this exercise sometimes also gives you extra girth.

If the basic stretch isn’t working for you, try JAI stretches. With enough persistence, any man can lengthen his penis.

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