10. The Most Common Mistakes Men Make When Performing Penile Exercises


Over the last few years, many guys have hopped onto the penis enlargement train. As move and more evidence was showing that you really can make your penis bigger, the number of sites on the web on this very topic exploded. Many penis sites were trying to push all sorts of penis pills and cheap, low quality penis extension devices.

The simple fact of the matter is that there is no quick and easy solution to make your penis larger. You’re actually going to have to do some effort if you want to extend the length and increase the girth of your willy. No cheap $50 extension device and no $40 pot of penis pills are going to give you a larger weener.

The Only Ways To To Get Real, Permanent Gains In Length And Girth

The only real way of enhancing the size of your best friend, are:

  1. penile exercises
  2. penis extenders

You can use either of these, or a combination of the two, in order to get real gains. But take heed… the gains won’t come overnight. It will take some time in order to get significant results.

And that’s only if you perform the exercises (or use your extender) consistently and for long enough periods of time. It’s no surprise then, that so many men perform the exercises or use their extension devices the wrong way.

There are plenty of instructions on All About The Penis when it comes to performing penile exercises the right way. Heck… I’ve even written an elaborate post on how to get into the right mindset before you want to get serious about enlarging your penis.

Getting The Right Mentality To Get The Job Done

Mindset is very important when it comes to getting real gains. If you do not have the proper mindset, then you can simply forget about getting those results you want so bad. If you’ve got the ‘quick & easy fix’ mentality when trying to enhance your manhood, you’re much more likely to screw it all up.

Performing your exercises the right way is an absolute must. Not only will you not get results after performing penile exercises incorrectly, you also run the risk of damaging your prized organ.

The Very Real Dangers Of Overtraining

All penis exercises and extension devices work because of applied pressure over the course of, at the very least, a few months. While little bits of pressure for a prolonged time can do no harm, too much pressure in a very short time definately can (and will) harm you!

When you apply to much stress during your exercises, your penis is going to become sore. If you keep doing the exercises anyway, then you are overtraining. Overtraining is extremely bad and will lead to prolonged soreness of the penis. This soreness will also go hand in hand with weaker erections of even impotence.

Thankfully, if you stop making your penis sore and give your willy a rest, then your impotence will most likely be temporary.

Incorrectly Performing Kegel Exercises

In my last post, I’ve written extensively on how to perform Kegel exercises. If you follow the instructions in this post, and also take heed of the advice I’ve given in my ‘mindset’ post (which I linked to above), then there is very little chance of you screwing anything up.

However, performing Kegel exercises is perhaps more difficult than performing bench presses. With bench presses, you see exactly what you’re doing because you’re pushing the barbell above your own head. With Kegel exercises, it’s not obvious if you’re doing them correctly.

The only way to truly find out whether or not you are exercising your ‘sex muscles’ (the pelvic floor muscles), which is what Kegels are supposed to do, is when you are urinating. If you start and close your urine stream multiple times in a row, then you’re using the correct muscles.

But you won’t always be performing Kegels when you are urinating. In fact, percentually speaking, us men spend a very small amount of our day urinating. So most of the time, you’ll be doing your Kegels when you are not urinating. So most of the time it won’t be clear whether or not you’re doing them correctly.

If you do your Kegels incorrectly, they aren’t going to have any effect. Not even if you manage to keep them up for a very long time. Many men never properly locate their pelvic floor muscles.

When they are trying to do Kegels, they are actually working out either their butt muscles, or their stomach muscles, or their thigh muscles, or what have you. They’ll be exercising pretty much everything but the pelvic floor muscles.

Thankfully, you won’t necessarily have to be urinating in order to properly locate and isolate your pelvic floor muscles. When you are contracting these muscles correctly, you’ll be able to feel it by placing a finger on your perineum (the soft spot between your anus and your scrotum).

It’s highly recommended that you do this the first few days of performing Kegel exercises. I suggest you do it like this:

  • sit down comfortably with your pants at your ankles
  • try to perform correct Kegels
  • touch your perineum while doing so
  • rinse and repeat until you’ve managed to isolate your pelvic floor muscles

The Futility Of Training Every Day Without Taking Rest

There are plenty of guys out there that get obsessed with the sheer ease-of-use of the Kegel. They’re thinking to themselves that, now that they’ve found a way of exercise that you can even perform at a boring meeting, they’d better make use of it every single chance they get!

But this is just the wrong mindset playing up again. Don’t be too greedy, or you’ll get no results. You can Kegel half an hour every single day for half a year, and it’s possible that you don’t get any results.


Because the pelvic floor muscles are skeletal muscles just like your pectorals and every other bodily muscle that you’d typically work out at the gym! And they need frequent rest!

Sometimes, you really need to give your muscles a rest. If you decide to Kegel for only a few minutes a day, then you could probably get away with doing it every day for a year.

But when you’re doing it as much as half an hour a day? Forget it! You can’t do it every day at that level of intensity. You’re totally going to need to give yourself a few days off every once in a while.

In fact, if you’re going to Kegel for half an hour, then I suggest you do it for no more than 3 or 4 days per week. Let the other 3 or 4 days be rest days. Remember, worked out muscles grow bigger and stronger when they are resting, not when they are being worked out.

The Nasty Little Side Effect Or Premature Ejaculation

Kegels are a great way of improving the hardness of your penis. And your sexual partner is sure to thank you for it when you perform your Kegels correctly and consistently.

But what good is a really hard penis if it’s going to blow its load in 1 minute. And Kegel exercises can sometimes cause this to happen.

If you’ve ever had sex (and I’m sure most of you out there have), then you’ll probably know from experience that you can influence your orgasms either by postponing them or by hasting them.

You can hasten your way to orgasms by contracting your pelvic floor muscles. When you start Kegeling, you are more likely to also start doing it during sex. This can really increase the sensitivity of your penis. And it can also cause you to ejaculate prematurely.

However, it won’t always be like this. These effects are temporary. The goal of Kegels is to get rockhard erections that last longer and give you better, more intense orgasms.

And that’s exactly what will happen just so long as you keep it up long enough. When faced with premature ejaculations, it’s best to regard this as a challenge. As a matter of fact, premature ejaculations are a good sign that you are performing your Kegels correctly!

Like I said… incorrectly performed Kegels will have no effect at all. Not on your sex muscles, anyway. So we can safely conclude that if you had been performing them incorrectly, then you probably would not have experienced this increase in sensitivity.

So don’t make the mistake of thinking something is godawfully wrong. You’re on the right track. You just require more exercise to master those pelvic floor muscles.

Neglecting Your Warming Ups

Just like with workouts at the gym, it’s best if you don’t hit the heavy weights straight away. Especially not if it’s in the middle of winter and you’re fingers are numb from the blistering cold.

The colder you are, the more important a warming up is. During a hot summer, you can often get away with getting started on your exercises without any warming up. But on colder days… not a chance.

Good warming ups can help you get those gains that you want to get from your penile exercises. Any man knows that temperature alone can have a severe effect on the penis. How many of your have already joked about using your weener as a thermometer.

You’ve noticed how it shrivels up when you’ve been in cold water, right?

The reason for this is that your body redirects blood to parts of the body where it is required the most. In the case of walking in cold air or swimming in cold water, this would be your heart and lungs.

When your brain decides to start your penile exercises, your body doesn’t know about this yet. That’s why you need to get started with a warming up. You need to take some time to get more blood flowing inside your penis.

More bloond inside your penis means that it will be more flexible. And believe you me when I say that your penis is going to need flexibility when you’re going to do those penile exercises.

The exercises are mostly about stretching and squeezing. Do you really want to be doing that to your poor, shrivelled up, blue from the cold penis?

I didn’t think so.

There are many ways of warming up your penis. The easiest is probably to take a warm and/or hot shower and/or bath. You’re not always going to be in the mood for a shower or a bath when you are getting started on your penile exercises, so there are also other ways of doing it.

A warm washcloth can also work well. Some guys even put lamps on their penises, or they’ll wrap a thick sock around it. I’m sure you can come up with even more creative ways of warming your willy.

But I don’t want to get into the details of warming ups just yet. I’ll save those for another blog post!

In Summary

In this article, I’ve laid out for you the things that could possibly go wrong once you’ve decided to embark on your quest for a bigger, harder, longer and thicker penis.

An overview of things that can go wrong:

  • you have the wrong mindset and expect results too quickly
  • you frequently overtrain and cause yourself damage
  • you try to do Kegels, but you accidentally work out the wrong muscle group
  • you perform penile exercises correctly, but refuse to let your muscles rest
  • you start ejaculating prematurely, and immediately assume you’re doing something wrong
  • you don’t do a warming up before you start your penile exercises

This is pretty much the complete list of things that can go wrong. I myself can’t really think of anything else. I’m not going to artificially inflate this list to the psychologically satisfying number otherwise known as 10.

This is not a site that aims to get an obsessed readership by providing lots of ‘funny lists’. You’re not going to find too many ‘entertaining’ top 10s here.

Instead, I’m trying to actually help my fellow man to accomplish one of the things he wants most in life, which is a bigger penis. And the more information I dole out, the higher your chances are of success!

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