12. The Jelq: A Basic Penile Exercise You Can Use To Start Enhancing Your Manhood Right Now!

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The pillar of penile exercises is formed by two basic exercises:

  1. the jelq
  2. the basic stretch

In this post, I will teach you how to perform the jelq. I’m saving the stretch for another post.

But before I get right to the meat of this post, first let me get a few essential things out of the way!

Make sure to:

1. Warm up your penis before performing these exercises. You might get sub optimal results if you neglect to do this correctly. Hell… you might not even get any results at all!

2. Give your penis plenty of rest in between exercises. It is during rest phases when your muscles grow larger and stronger.

3. Not overtrain your penis, as this will cause the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. Whenever your penis starts getting sore, stop your exercises immediately for that day. And also for the next day. Let the poor guy rest!

4. Read as much information as you possibly can. This website is littered with useful and informational articles, all written by your truly. Please take your time to read as many of them as you can, as I believe this will greatly improve your chances of success.

5. Never go to rough on the head of your penis. This is the most sensitive part of your entire manhood, next to the crown jewels ofcourse. Next to that, the head is not the part where the penis’ smooth muscle tissue is. That’s located in the rest of your penis.

6. Do not exercise a (near) fully erect penis. This is especially important for beginners. The harder your penis is, the more risky it is for a beginner to exercise his penis while it is in this state. If your penis becomes too erect during exercise, let it go for a few seconds until it goes flaccid again.

7. Use a lubricant. Each exercise is going to last at least a few minutes. If you start working out your penis without one, chafing and soreness is almost sure to follow. Use baby oil, K-Y jelly, vaseline or whatever skin safe lubricant you’ve got at home. It’ll make your exercises that much easier.

Now… without further ado, let’s get to work!

So What Exactly Is The Jelq?

The jelq has been around for at least a few decades now. Some say it’s been around for longer. Nobody seems to be sure where exactly it comes from. Not that it matters much, just so long as it works!

And work it does! The jelq is the most basic penile exercise there is and you can gain significant size enhancement by performing this exercise alone. Like with Kegel exercises, you can also expect an increase in hardness of the penis. Provided you perform the exercise correctly, ofcourse!

The jelq’s working is based on gently pushing blood into the penis, which makes the muscle therein grow larger. Just like with gym exercises, your penis muscle is going to grow larger over time because of the continually applied stress to your penis.

You have to wrap your thumb and index finger around your penis in order to correctly perform the jelq. You might say that this is an exercise that’s very similar to masturbating. Don’t think you’ve mastered the jelq, because you’ve spanked your own monkey thousands of times in your own lifetime already.

When performing the jelq exercise, it’s important that you have about half an erection. Half an erection means that your penis should be precisely between completely flaccid and completely erect.

So how exactly do you go about measuring half an erection? In most men, half an erection means that the penis will be considerably larger than it is when it’s flaccid, but it won’t be nearly firm enough to penetrate, say, a vagina. Your penis still needs to be bendable and be flexible.

All beginners should aim to perform the jelq with half an erection for at least one month. You will be able to do the jelq with harder erections at a later time. Those are advanced jelqing exercises. It’ll take time to get there. So for now, go easy on yourself.

Not even the pros do the jelq when they are fully erect. So don’t even think about this!

So How Do I Actually Perform The Jelq?

The actual exercise will have you pushing blood through your penis. Make sure that you don’t force too much blood, otherwise you’re only damaging yourself.

1. I suggest you sit down with your pants around your ankles. Remember to sit straight up like your momma told ya. This is a good and comfortable starting position.

2. If you’ve  given your penis a good warming up before attempting this exercise, then it’s ready to get your soldier performing half a salute. Because that’s the state it needs to be in, in order for this exercise to have any effect. Now slap on some lube and you’re ready to go!

3. Create a loop with the index finger and thumb of your favorite hand. You will use this grip to gently push blood from the base of your penis up to the top. Get that grip as close to the base as you can manage.

4. Gently apply pressure, with the emphasys on gently!

5. Slowly move this grip up to the head of the penis. Once again, the emphasys is on slowly! Do not jelq the actual head of the penis itself. You have to stop right before you get there. One such movement from base to top is one jelq. It ought to take around 2 seconds.

6. When you get to the top of your penis with your starting hand, switch to your other hand and repeat this motion. Make sure you’re milking that penis constantly. Keep this up until you’ve performed the amount of repetitions you had your mind set on.

How Many Jelqs Should I Perform?

Every exercise worth doing is worth doing at least 10 minutes. I’d say 10 minutes is a great amount of time for beginners to do penis exercises. In about 10 minutes, you’ll be able to perform anywhere from 200 to 300 jelqs. Your mileage may vary. But this is about what you need to do.

This particular exercise consists of only 1 such set of jelqs. No need to rest and perform another 200 to 300 jelqs when you’ve done the first set. Just one set.

What If I Get An Erection During Jelqing?

Then you wouldn’t be the only one!

But seriously… you can’t perform the jelq when fully erect. So you’ll have to learn to get control over your erections.

I suggest you try the following:

  • think of something very sexually not-arousing, such as Roseanne Barr
  • hold your horses, let the erection go down, and resume training
  • stop jelqing for a few minutes and try it again 5 minutes later
  • try jelqing without lubricant to make it feel less good, but beware not to chafe your penis!

In Summary

Jelqing your penis is a very basic way of starting to get real gains.

It might seem like a walk in the park, but believe you me when I say that it will take time to master this exercise.

It will be totally worth it, though. Many men swear by the jelq and rightfully so. It just plain makes sense!

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