SizeGenetics Penis Extender Ultimate System – My Review!

Introduction To SizeGenetics

sg_overviewIf you haven’t been hiding under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard of this product. It’s been advertised all over the web. You can’t visit on single girly site on the web without being overflooded by recommendations for it.

I first took up an interest in getting a bigger penis for myself many years ago. I must confess that at the time… I was convinced that penis extension was complete, utter, total BS!!!

And you’re probably thinking the same thing. And I can’t blame you for that. After all… it sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

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Imagine getting…

  • Longer flaccid penis
  • Longer erect penis
  • Girthier flaccid penis
  • Girthier erect penis
  • Harder erections
  • Better orgasm control
  • More flexible foreskin for better penetration
  • Permanent size gains

But sometimes… something that sounds too good to be true, turns out to be true after all!

After having done much research online and lots of doubting thereafter… I finally ordered my extender and put it to work as soon as it arrived!

Please read the rest of my review to find out how I fared with it.

I don’t want to leave you in suspension for much longer… so let me just say that SizeGenetics simply works!

Why I Tried SizeGenetics?

sg_boxThe size of my penis was never something to be ashamed about. I naturally had a respectable 6 inch tool, which has always worked well and never let me down.

It is curved upwards, however. It would be longer if only it would be straight. But it would also be longer if it was just… longer.

And that means I’d be able to achieve better penetration. I tend to pop out sometimes in certain positions, and I don’t like that.

Now, I don’t know about you. But sex is one of the most important reasons to be alive. And I’m always looking to improve myself any which way I can.

I developed a curiosity for penis extension, wondering if it might work for me. So I started doing some research.

Quickly enough… I stumbled across this product and its reviews. Shortly thereafter, I read up on the scientific research behind it.

I did some more searches on the web and stumbled across anecdotal evidence of natural penis enlargement. People on fora were having success with exercises such as the stretch and the jelq.

But it wasn’t until I saw SizeGenetics before & after photos that I became a true believer.

And sure enough… a few months later, I had successfully enlarged my penis by…

… keep reading the review, and you’ll find out soon enough. 😉

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What Is SizeGenetics?

sg_contents1In case you’ve never heard of this device before… it is a penis extension device, which can help you increase not only the length of your own best friend, but also its girth (provided you supplement its use with manual exercises).

The extender can be worn beneath your regular clothing. While you are wearing it, the device will exert a steady amount of tension on your flacid penis.

Over time, the tension gently pulls your penis into a longer shape. Provided you wear the device frequently and also long enough each session, you can expect to get long term results from it.

The penis consists of nothing but soft tissues. Despite the name that you like to give your penis in its erect state, your penis does, in fact, not actually contain bones.

That’s good news for you. Because it means you can stretch your penis. It’s all soft tissues and ligaments and whatnot. That stuff wil stretch given the right amount of tension and enough time!

Learn how Sizegenetics compares to others so called extenders.

How Does SizeGenetics Work?

sg_contents2Like I said, this extender works by applying a moderate amount of tension to your penis for longer periods of time.

You don’t need to be a biology expert in order to know that you body contains of cells. Hundreds of trillions of them, to be exact.

Have you ever wondered what’s keeping all these cells together?

It’s the extracellular matrix (ECM). This matrix is built by the cells themselves, and they do this in order to provide themselves with structural support. You’d fall apart without an ECM.

When you stretch soft tissue, which the penis is comprised of, you stretch the extracellular matrix. This creates space. Space for more cells.

Cells duplicate. This takes time. But when they have the space, they will duplicate to fill the void.

These cells then, in turn, produce and secrete more of the molecules that build your extracellular matrix.

Your penis now consists of more cells and more ECM. That means you’ve just increased your penis’ volume. If done right, the volume increase usually happens in both length as well as girth!

Here are all the details of how it works.

The Research Behind SizeGenetics

sg_surprisedMany people still believe that extension devices such as this one are complete baloney.

But scientific research has been conducted on the SG device… and it has confirmed beyond the shadow of any doubt that the thing just plain works as advertised!

This extender is classed as a Type 1 Medical device. This means that you’re pretty much guaranteed to get the results from it that you’re expecting.

The proof is in the pudding. The results of one clinical study that was conducted, has been published in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI).

Have a look at the outcome of the clinical study. Also be sure to check out these medical endorsements of the product.

These days, more and more guys are buying an extender. It’s still a bit of a taboo. But it’s also starting to sink in that this stuff is the real deal!

The BJUI has concluded that extension devices are non-invasive, and that they are a much better option than surgery is.

Naturally… you’ll notice the SG stretcher when you’re wearing it. It’s not completely non-invasive.

But everything is relative. And in comparison to surgery, it’s very non-invasive indeed!

And much, much cheaper!

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How Comfortable Is SizeGenetics?

sg_coupleWhen I was strapping myself into this device, I was very anxious that it would be incredibly uncomfortable. You have to wear it for extended period of times, you know.

Turns out, it’s not so bad after all. Sure, you can notice the device when wearing it. Especially when you’re just starting out with it. But you get used to it rather quickly!

I myself wore it to work and nobody ever knew. I got used to it pretty quickly.

It really is pretty gosh darn comfortable!!!

The device is attached to both the stem of your penis as well as the top right below your penis’ head. And then it just sits there, gradually stretching it.

It’s just like braces on a teen’s teeth, actually. Apply gentle pressure for long periods of time, and thereby you mold the body in the shape you want it to be.

SizeGenetics wasn’t born yesterday. These guys know that you’ll wear it more often and for longer periods of time when the damn thing is comfortable!

And that means there’s a bigger chance of you getting good results. And that, in turn, gives birth to mouth-to-mouth, which is the best advertising a company could wish for.

I’m sure you can imagine these guys have gone through great lengths to ensure the highest possible level of comfort.

Comfort is probably the top priority. And you can notice this when wearing it. It really is much more comfortable than you’d expect it to be.

This extender is almost as comfortable as not wearing anything at all.

If you can’t find a way of wearing it that suits you well… then the problem’s with you!

FREE Penis Exercise Guide Included

sg_healthWith the SizeGenetics Ultimate System, comes an incredibly motherload of extras that will help you get the royal results that you so royally deserve.

The Ultimate System is the one I’ve got. And I haven’t been sorry one second ever since. Not only does it come with spare parts, some penis cream and a luxurious travel case… it also comes with a truly massive amount of highly informational DVDs!

You get access to the Penis Health DVD collection. This is a collection of videos that show you how to manually exercise your penis in order to help you get even more results from your enlargement efforts!

And I highly recommend that you combine your extender wear with exercises. That’s what I did, and I got great results (more on that below).

As if that’s not enough… there’s more goodies!

Check out everything that you get!

Quick, Easy, Discrete Delivery

sg_shippingThe delivery was very quick. I ordered it one day and received it the next. No complaints here.

As you might expect from an adult product like this, it comes in a completely plain packaging.

I personally have nothing to hide from my girlfriend, with whom I live together. And she knew I was ordering the thing. In fact, she was looking forward to it, for obvious reasons.

But I can imagine not everybody wants the whole household to know they’ve ordered an extender. Same goes if you’re having it delivered at your workplace.

The packaging is completely discrete. Nobody in your household or your workplace will ever know what you’ve ordered.

Unless, ofcourse, you open the package in front of everybody. But then that would be your mistake! 😛

What Results Have I Gotten From SizeGenetics?

sg_testimonial1I’ve received my extender 4 months ago.

You’re supposed to wear it for 6 – 8 hours per day, every day, for at least a few months in order to get results from it.

The recommend minimum number of months is 4. So it’s no coincidence that I just so happen to be reviewing the product now.

I’ve worn the device almost every single day for 4 months. On some days, I wanted some time off from the device so I chose not to wear it.

But out of 120 days total, I still wore the extender for at least 110 days.

I wore the device to work. I put it on when I left, and took it off when I came home. I work 5 days a week. So on most days, I wore the device for 8 hours.

On the weekends, I wore it for 6 hours.

In the evening, I would perform a few stretching and jelqing exercises that are taught in the Penis Health DVD instruction program.

I absolutely, positively had to be sure that I had done everything in my power, in order to maximize the results I would get!!!

Besides… from my research I had learned that manual exercises can really help add significant girth, while extender usage usually adds length.

I came up with a plan and followed it religiously, making sure to log my every bit of progress. I made sure to take pictures and write down my measurements every single month.

sg_testimonial2It wasn’t long before I started noticing results. After 3 weeks I could already visibly see my penis growing. I hadn’t even logged anything yet, except for my starting conditions.

But the results were obvious to the naked eye!

And sure enough… after the first month, my erect penis had grown by well over a quarter of an inch!!!

Imagine my ecstacy when I made my first log entry after the first month.

Encouraging results, indeed!!!

Knowing that this thing works, made the other 3 months so much easier to sit through. After the first months, I knew that the slight discomfort of wearing this device was truly paying off!!!

The next 3 months came and went fast. I dutifully logged my results every single month.

It’s been 4 months now. And guess what?

Starting ConditionsAfter 4 Months
Flaccid Length4.8″5.7″
Flaccid Girth4.0″4.8″
Erect Length6.0″7.2″
Erect Girth5.9″7.1″

I’ve gained well over a whole whopping inch in length as well as girth!!!

And you know what’s best of all, guys?

You can wear the thing for much longer than 4 months if you want to see even more results.

sg_testimonial3As for me… my cock used to look pretty average to me personally. But now it’s 4 months later, and even I myself am of the opinion that my own cock looks monstrously huge!

Now I know I don’t have the largest dick in the world. There’s always a bigger fish. But frankly… I couldn’t care less!

And I’m not sure if I even want an even bigger penis. I’m afraid of hurting my girlfriend. And I have no ambitions of becoming an adult actor any time soon.

A single inch makes a big difference. Even if you’re starting out with 6″ like I did. If you’ve got less than 6″, a 1″ increase will make an even bigger impact, percentage-wise.

If you want to gain more than one inch, then there is no doubt in my mind that you can. I’ve seen plenty of testimonials from guys saying they managed to get two inches!

Check out the before & after testimonials.

A 3″ increase is much rarer… but who knows what’s possible when you frequently use this product on combination with exercises for multiple times spread out across multiple years, right?

I’m very satisfied with my own results. And that is ultimately the only thing that truly matters.

Sure, it took a financial investment and a few months of very minor discomfort. But come on, man… look at those results.

The 180 Day Guarantee

sg_moneybackIn case you’re still doubting, this product comes with a 6 month (180 day) guarantee.

See for yourself.

These types of guarantees are only issued by people that have top notch products to sell. It’s very reassuring to know that you can always return it, in the odd case that it doesn’t work for you.

As a matter of fact… the 180 day guarantee played a bit of a role in pushing me over the edge to go ahead with my order.

It did a great job of convincing me that these guys were convinced of the quality of their own product.

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In Conclusion…

SizeGenetics has completely transformed my life in a way I had never dared to dream possible.

I was pretty confident to begin with. But my confidence just shot through the roof.

My girlfriend looks at my Godzilla cock and wonders if she can accomodate it!

The new nickname for my penis is Tyrannosaurus Sex!!!

I highly recommend SizeGenetics to every guy out there who has the desire to increase the size of his penis.


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