8. Overall Health Changes You Can Make In Your Life To Enhance Penis Size

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As I’ve already outlined plenty of times on this website, for example in a recent article of mine in which I focus on the mindset behind penile exercises, real size enhancement of man’s most valuable posession is going to take real time and effort.

However, performing penile exercises and making use of penile extenders aren’t the only ways that you can make sure your own best friend becomes larger over time.

Before writing more about the actual exercises to make your penis bigger, I’d like to touch on some other stuff. It just seems like a good idea to get all of this out of the way first!

How To Get A Healthier Penis Through Healthier Living

Like I’ve said before, penis health comes before penis size. And penis health can be improved upon by performing penile exercises, of which I will be posting many on this website later on. But you can also improve the health of your penis by simply making sure that you are healthier.

Two of the most devastating lifestyle habits that many men stobbornly adhere to despite knowing better, are:

  1. overeating and becoming obese
  2. chains moking and putting blocks on your blood flow

Obesity And Penis Size

When you eat to much, you become overweight. Nothing new here. But the problem is that being overweight makes your penis look shorter than it really is. You might even argue that it doesn’t just make the penis look smaller, but that it actually makes it smaller.

After all, when you are fat, you are going to have plenty of fat tissue around your penis as well. And doesn’t this fat tissue effectively make it harder for you to penetrate your sexual partner deeply?

Next to making your penis shorter, being obese also causes you to have less stamina. And if you think penis size is all that matters, then you’d better have a good talk with your wife. I’m betting she’s also got something to say about how hard you are, how long your erections last and more importantly… how long you last!

So make those lifestyle changes and get in shape, gentlemen. It can be tough to go on a strict diet and an equally strict exercise regimen. I know this from experience because I used to be fat as well.

Take it from me when I say that losing weight is totally worth it. Your sex life is going to be endlessly better. You’ll last longer, enabling you to burn more calories when doing the deed. You’ve got an opportunity to get yourself into an upwards spiral here!

Smoking And Penis Size

Some men like to smoke because they like the taste of the cig. While I personally don’t smoke, I’d seriously think of quitting after becoming aware of the effects of smoking on the penis.

In order to have good, long lasting, rockhard erections, you’re going to have to have a good blood circulation. Guess what you don’t have when you’re smoking? Right!

Smoking puts quite a damper on your blood circulation. The longer you’ve smoked, the worse the effects are. Even when you quit smoking, it takes a very long time before the effechts of the smoking to wear off.

Smoking won’t shrink your weener by inches, through. The effects of penis shrinkage because of smoking are usually no more than one centimeter. To put that in perspective, one centimeter is almost 40% of an inch… which I feel is uncomfortably close to half an inch!

To make a long story short, smoking is bad for your penis. If you don’t care about a higher risk of getting cancer and a higher risk of dying young… so be it. But please, fellas… won’t you go easy on your own best friend? He deserves to be treated well!

Health Fixes Aside, What Else Can You Do To Help Your Penis?

Next to getting yourself on a better diet, taking up gym exercise and quitting smoking, there isn’t much you can do health wise to improve upon the size of your willy.

When you scour the Internet for tips on how to instantly increase size, guys on forums will advise you to have sexual fantasies right before somebody has to take a look at your penis. Or they’ll advise you to give it a little pull in order to enhance the flacid size right away.

Another silly advice that I’ve seen people dealing out on Internet fora, is to hold up your urine. Some guys like the fact that holding up your urine somewhat inflates your penis, making it look bigger than it normally does.

I haven’t tried this myself and I’m not about to. It seems like such a hare brained thing to do. I’m not willing to put up with the discomfort of a bladder that’s ready to burst.

Sure, it might work, but…

The advice listed above, is not a real solution to a real problem. These are all about how you look in the eyes of other people. It has nothing to do with actual penis size, or the enhancement thereof.

Sure, it can increase your confidence when other people think you’re bigger than you truly are… but you have to wonder how valuable it is to you to have others walk around with an illusion regarding the size of your penis.

What About Trimming The Pubic Hair?

The only decent advice for making your penis look larger straight away, is to trim your pubes. It isn’t just a good idea to trim the pubes in order to give the penis a higher degree of visibility… it’s also way more hygienic.

Most women I know prefer a shaven cock & balls over a hairy one. Not only will they encounter less unexpected hairy surprises when they are performing oral sex on you, they will also be less bothered by the smell of stale sweat, which has a habit of getting into especially large and unkempt bushes of pubic hair.

In Summary

Gentlemen, if you’re serious about improving the health, size and hardness of your penis, then take the best advice from this article and let the crappy advice be.

The most you can do (that is not using penile extenders or performing penile exercise), is to:

  • have a healthy diet
  • get frequent physical exercise
  • stop smoking
  • trim your pubic hair

And that’s about it!

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