Jelqing Before And After – How To Get No Results With Lots Of Hard Work!

penis pushupsWhen it comes to ‘male enhancement’ as penis enlargement is typically called, a lot of people have heard about the jelqing bandwagon, but haven’t managed to get on it yet.

I’m assuming you want to see evidence of the fact that jelqing is the real deal, don’t you?

Jelqing Before And After

jelqing exerciseMost people I know dismiss the whole penile exercise thing right out of hand. And I can’t blame them. Surely, a bigger penis could only come from pills and using devices, right? And surely, those cost a lot, right? And therefore, it must be complete nonsense, right?

Nothing could be farther from the truth. The simple fact of the matter is that jelqing is the real deal.

For instance, here’s a guy on Yahoo Answers providing an in detail report on his jelqing experiences.

Here are a couple of guys on the Matters of Size forum discussing their jelqing successes.

Here’s another guy on Thunder’s Place to let you know how to jelq in order to get results from it.

Here’s a guy on the Bodybuilding Forum that lets his fellow forum guys know how he managed to get results with the jelq.

Here’s an elaborately detailed page on jelqing on PEGym that explains in detail how to go about it, and also shows some stats at the bottom of the page.

How To Get Results From Jelqing

First of all, you can visit the jelqing page on this site to read up on how to go about it. There are many pages on the web that explain the exercise. Read whichever one you like.

The important thing is to take action!!!

But also make sure to not go overboard with it! The best way of dooming yourself to failure, is by overtraining that penis and not letting it rest!

It’s 10x better to get too much rest than too little.

You’ve simply got to make jelqing a part of your life.

Jelqing Expectations

Don’t start jelqing it and expect an inch of growth right in the first week. You might get it, you might not.

Some guys get results in the first weeks. Others jelq for a few months until the penis starts growing.

You don’t want to screw up a good thing for yourself by having high expectations and then quickly being disappointed.

Your Jelqing Plan

Instead of committing to a goal, I recommend that you commit to a process.

The goal you set for yourself might not even be realistically achievable. You’re setting yourself up for a failure.

By committing yourself to a process, as I mentioned above, you are making jelqing a part of your every day life!

And while you may not want to set a goal, you will definitely do better if you create a plan for yourself.

For instance, you could go 5 minutes of jelqing 4 days a week.

Or you could go with 100 strokes on one day, 200 strokes the next day, 400 strokes the next day, and then let it rest for the rest of the week.

It doesn’t really matter. Everything works, guys!

Just get a plan and start executing it. If you don’t like plan A, switch to plan B and then execute that.

Rinse, repeat.

Jelqing Help

And if you’re not into the whole penis exercise thing… get some help from a SizeGenetics device. They really do work. Check out the SizeGenetics testimonials page I have up on the site.

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