How To Screw Up Your Penis And Make It Useless

chop it upFirst of all… I wish all my readers a happy new year! May 2014 be a year of great enhancement for you all!

My own 2014 couldn’t have started off better. Right aftering firing up my browser to do my daily browsing, I stumbled across this little gem.

Be sure to read if if you want to find out how to ‘train’ your penis if you want to make it completely useless.

And be sure to read my free penis training guide if you want to train your penis to increase the size of your penis.

The dumb shit people have done do their own manhoods include such beauties as:

  • putting a wedding ring on the dick and being unable to remove it
  • rubbing the dick up to an undeserving girl for too long and too hard, and now bleeding uncontrollable from it
  • getting a tick bite in the penis… not while on a safari or a jungle excursion, but during a game of golf
  • burning the penis with a blow dryer

But by far my favorite one, has to be the last one on the list… which is:

  • putting hot towels on the penis and trying to stretch it, now suffering from pain in the penis

Whoever the poor sob is that managed to fuck up his penis by over training it, needs to visit All About The Penis and read my free penis enlargement guide!

You can find it in the sidebar.

The damn guide cost me a whole month to type up and I am providing the information for free, after having successfully extending my own penis after a year of practice.

In the guide, I warn you guys hundreds of times not to overtrain your penis! It’s the worst fucking thing you can do. And if you do it anyway, give yourself a break from your penis exercises straight away!

Can somebody direct that poor soul to my website please?

Take care!

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