11. How To Do A Good Penis Warming Up To Prepare For Penile Exercises

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If you are interested in doing penile exercises in to beef up the size of your own best friend, then it’s of the utmost importance that you start taking the warming up very seriously. If you do not, you’re going to regret it. Failing to warm up properly before starting your exercises can lead to:

  • not getting any results
  • damaging your penis
  • uncomfortable penile workouts

The best kind of warming up that you can give your own willy, is by applying moist heat. There are basically two ways that you can do this:

  1. taking a warm shower, or prefferably a bath
  2. using a warm and moist washing cloth

Warming Up In The Shower Or The Bath Tub

It’s obvious why showers and baths work wonders when it comes to warming you up. I prefer to take a bath myself, because that way I can have my penis soaked in water constantly. But a shower can also work wonders, just so long as you’re under it long enough.

Instead of going for a shower or a bath every time you decide to perform your penis exercises, you can also just perform your penis exercises while you just so happen to be taking a shower or a bath. So just by turning this around, you’re already making things easier on yourself.

Warming Up By Using A Moist Washing Cloth

You can also use a moist washing cloth, or any other piece of cloth for that matter. Some guys are known to wrap a sock around the cock. That’s also a good idea, I suppose. Never tried it myself, but I might. It sounds comfortable!

When you’re going to go down the washing cloth road, you can make sure it’s moist and hot in two ways. You can either just hold it under a stream of running, warm water. Or you can just make it moist with cold water and then heat it up in the microwave.

If the environment that you are sitting in at the time of the warming up is pretty cold, then it’s possible that you are going to have to reheat the washing cloth or whatever it is you are using to warm up your willy.

Whatever kind of hot and moist cloth it is that you are using for your warming up, make sure that you wrap it around your cock all the way. Your entire penis ought to be covered with heat and moist.

It goes without saying that you should be careful with the temperature. No sense in burning your weener. If you do that, you can just forget about performing the exercises.

Is Applying Moist Heat All I Need To Do For A Good Warming Up?

If you don’t feel like fidgeting around with your penis during your warming up, you can simply leave it alone and let the heat and moisture do all the work.

However, you can also gently massage your penis while you are warming it up. Some say this makes the tissue even more flexible than when you’re just using heat and moisture.

From my own experience, I tend to agree. I do recommend also massaging your willy while warming it up.

Is My Penis Itself The Only Thing That Needs The Warming Up?

No. Not only do you have muscles in your penis, you’ve also got muscles around your penis that are also fairly important to its functionality. These pelvic floor muscles are inside the body, and can also do well with a good warming up.

So when you’re performing a good willy warming, make sure that you also warm up your pubic bone and your perineum (between the scrotum and the anus). When contracting the pelvic floor muscles through Kegel exercises, you’ll be able to feel those muscles contracting by touching your own perineum.

These are your ‘sex muscles’, because they’re heavily involved in performing any kind of sexual act. Whether it be actual sex, or masturbation.

The pelvic floor muscles can be hard to locate, especially for beginners. You know you’re correctly controlling your pelvic floor muscles when you can close off your urine stream multiple times during urination.

Not only do the muscles require warming up. The same goes for your ligaments. The ligaments are very flexible. But they differ from muscle in a very important way. Unlike muscles, the ligaments can not be contracted. The ligaments are stationary and their sole purpose is to just hold the parts of your body together in the most flexible way possible.

So I Can Just Wrap My Entire Nether Regions In Hot & Moist Towels?

Nope. Too much heat is going to play hell on your sperm count. Try to keep the heat away from your ballsack at all costs!

Unless you’ve already decided you never want children, ofcourse. In any other case, carry on!

When Do I Stop Warming And Start Exercising?

A warming up doesn’t have to take more than 10 minutes. If it does, you’re not doing it right. The goal here is to get your penis warm and flexible. It needs to feel comfortable. You can easily use your common sense to tell when you’ve done it correctly and when you’ve done it incorrectly.

Don’t fool or cheat yourself in anyway. Don’t even think about skipping the warming up either! The warming up is important! If you fail to perform it correctly, then it’s more than likely that there’ll be no bigger penis for you, buster!!!

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