7. How To Correctly Perform Penile Exercises To Enlarge Your Penis

be careful hen using devices to extend your penis

If you’ve been reading this website for the past week, you’ve taken in quite a bit of information on how to exercise your weener in order to make your most prized posession larger. And every man wants a larger penis, so just admit that you’re interested in how to perform those exercises!

Don’t worry fellas… the actual penile exercises are coming. But before I get started on those, I really need to tell you a little bit more about the mindset that you ought to have before you take the plunge into the wonderful world of penile enlargement. You absolutely need to know about this, so be patient and hold onto your horses!

Comparing Penis Smooth Muscle Exercises To Skeletal Muscle Gym Exercises

I’ve made the comparison on many occasions already. Penile exercises are very much like gym exercises. And like with the exercise you get at the gym, there are a few basic principles that you need to know and learn about before hitting the weights.

Do you think that the Mr. Universes of our time got all that muscle mass by simply walking into the gym and lifting weights as heavy as they possibly could for as long as they could?

Now I don’t know how often you, my dear reader, visit the gym. I’ll tell you that I visit it fairly frequently, at least multiple times a week. And I’ve been doing so for the past 12 years or so. I can tell you from experience that hitting those weights as long and hard as you can, will not get you the results you desire so much.

There is only so much that the human body can take. There are limits to how much muscle mass it can produce within a given amount of time. There are limits to how many nutrients the body can process within a given amount of time.

So even when you’ve memorized all the exercises you need to do by heart (whether it is to increase the size of your penis or the size of your chest), you will still need to perform all the exercises with the right mindset. This will ensure that you perform them at the right level of stress and for the right period of time.

For both penile exercises as well as gym exercises, you will need to follow the following principes in order to maximize your chances for success:

  1. get plenty of rest
  2. gradually increase the level of applied stress
  3. learn to listen to your own body

Will Following The Principles Guarantee 100% In All Cases?

No it will not. It’s not that black & white.

Imagine you’ve been given the assignment of baking cupcakes and you have to do it following a recipe that you are given. The recipe pretty much contains all the instructions that you are supposed to follow in order to bake yourself a nice plate of cupcakes.

Let’s assume you’ve never made cupcakes before. And also assume you’re competing against a professional chef whose specialty is… (you’ve guessed it!) baking cupcakes!

You’re both following the same recipe, the same instructions. Who do you think will come up with the best looking, best smelling and best tasting cupcakes?

It’s going to be the chef, alright. His years of experience pretty much make him unbeatable when pitted against a newbie like you.

So the point I’m trying to make here is that the same goes for everything else in life, including penis exercises. The simple reality of the situation is that you’d be better at it if you already had years and years of experience doing it.

Naturally… you don’t, or you would not be reading this article. But it’s just a fact of life that, when you start something for the first time, it’s going to be difficult.

Moreover, some people are, right from the start, just going to be better (or worse) at it than you. And like with recovery of the skeletal muscles from gym exercises, some men will recover faster from their training than others through sheer fortune of genetics.

If you happen to be one of these men, you’re going to get more results faster than most other men out there.

Not that it matters much, because slow and steady wins the race. And you’re not competing with anybody anyway, so I recommend that you don’t compare yourself to anybody but your past self.

Get Plenty Of Rest – Less Means More

Despite the fact that I’ve warned about over training in this article as well as a couple of my other articles… I know that some of you guys are still thinking to themselves that more is more.

No, no, no, no, no!!! Less is more!

Don’t ever overtrain your penis to the point where its erections actually become softer. That’s pretty much the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. When your performance is starting to suffer from stretching and squeezing your willy too many times, give it a rest.

The worst thing about overtraining is not the fact that your performance in the bedroom is going to go down the drain. The worst part of all is that you can basically kiss your gains goodbye, because there aren’t gonna be any.

Like with the body, the penis is going to become used to the training that you throw at it. In due time, you’re going to require less rest than you did when you just started exercising your penis.

When you are just getting started, it’s very important that you don’t exercise the penis for more than 2 or 3 times per week. And don’t do those exercises in sequential days. Instead, spread them out over the whole week. The whole point of doing it twice or thrice a week, is that you’ll have plenty of rest in between!

Also keep in mind that having sex and masturbating should be physically considered as a form of light penile exercise.

If you do a lot of any of these (or you do a lot of both), then you may want to schedule your sexy times in such a way that your penis exercises and your sexy times remain spread over the week. It’s a good way of ensuring that your penis gets the rest it rightfully deserves.

Gradually Increase Stress – Get More Results

The moment you step into the gym and address a muscular guy to ask how he managed to get those gains, there is no doubt in my mind that he’ll tell you to always look for ways to increase the weight that you are trying to lift.

If he tells you otherwise, he’s a big, fat liar.

Muscles can only grow when they are subjected to weights that were heavier than the ones they were used to. When you go to the gym and you keep going the same amount of repetitions with the same amount of weight, you can train until the end of times. The gains will soon stop coming if you do it this way.

It’s better to start with 15 repetitions of 15 pounds and then do only 10 repetitions of 20 pounds the next week. Maybe, the week after, you could do 5 repetitions of 30 pounds!

Whether you are training your pecs at the gym or training your willy at home… make sure to never get stuck in a rut. Always try to increase the level of applied pressure just a bit.

This is how gym training works, this is how penis training works and this is how penis extenders work as well. All real gains come from training with an increased level of applied stress over time. All other claimed methods that promise gains are BS.

Despite my best efforts to inform you as well as I can, plenty of guys out there are going to be tempted to increase the level of stress that they apply too quickly. I understand completely, because we’re all very eager to get those gains. As a guy, I can totally relate.

The penis can not be forced to grow a whole inch over the course of just a week. As a matter of fact, I want you to get that whole obsessive, forceful way of thinking out of your head.

When it comes to penile exercises, the mindset that you have when performing them is at the very least as important as the exercises themselves! If not more important!

If you skip steps in your training, you can expect to hit a plateau fairly quickly. Just. don’t. do it.

Learning To Listen To Your Own Body

When you notice yourself getting too obsessed with penis size, please take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and force yourself to remember that it’s actually all about penis health.

Even when you are following all the guidelines that I’m giving you on this website, then there is still the possibility for you to do something wrong. After all, you’re only a human being.

Bad Signs

You have to start listening to your body. If you notice your erections starting to get weaker, then this would be a good indication that you have over trained your penis.

Other bad signs are having fewer erections and erections that don’t last as long as they used to. Obviously, when you notice any of these signs or a combination thereof, it’s time to give your willy a rest.

Also be sure to look out for size decreases, because these are also sometimes the result of incorrectly performing penile exercises.

When you are experiencing outright pain from your penis, then it goes without saying that you should give it a rest for a very long time. Just as long as it takes for your penis pain to go away, and then a few days extra just to be sure.

Always consult a doctor if you are worried about your penis’ health.

Good Signs

Now that we’ve gotten the bad signals out of the way, let’s have a look at the good ones.

Let’s assume you’re performing your penile exercises correctly. In that case you can expect to see your erections become much harder. You can also expect to have longer lasting erections and you can expect to have them more often. An increased libido is no exception to the rule for men who exercise correctly and observe results.

A well trained penis should look bigger immediately after training. But like with gym training, this size increase is temporarily. Only by keeping it up for longer periods of time, will you make the gains permanent.

If you exercise your penis well, you should also expect it to become more stretchy and not stiff. A well trained will should also have a rewarding feeling of exhaustion to it and not an overtrained feeling of exhaustion.

The harder your penis becomes once you’ve started training it, the better. Erection hardness is a good indicator of how well penile exercise is working for you.

What Else Can You Expect During Periods Of Penis Practice?

Let’s be realistic here. When exercising the penis to make it larger, you’re actually on a road to transform the whole thing. There are various tissues in the penis and you’re looking to improve on the ration between those tissues. You want the penis’ smooth muscle to become larger.

Like with gym exercises, it’s possible that you are going to be slightly sore. This is only temporary and it will go away in due time (this is why plenty of rest is so important). But the fact of the matter remains that the body regards any kind of training as a direct assault!

It’s possibly that, next to an increase in penile size, you will also start to see other changes in your penis. For example, your penis might become darker and the veins in your penis might become more apparent than they already are.

These effects are not always temporary. Sometimes, you’ll end up with a darker, more veiny penis permanently. If you don’t mind, then kudos to you. If you do mind, then you may want to pay close attention to your penis transformation, so that you can stop your exercises when you notice things aren’t working out for you.

You may even want to take pictures along the way. Just make sure you store them safely, because there’s this little thing called the Internet, and… I think you catch my drift.

In Summary

When exercising your penis in your quest to make it larger, remember that the mindset behind the workout is at least as important as the workout itself. Also remind yourself that penis health comes before penis size.

When observing some of the signals that indicate you’re on the right track, keep going! When observing some of the signals that indicate you’re overtraining, stop and take rest immediately!

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