How Long Is The Average Penis?

article-2613931-026BCC5A000005DC-784_634x450When Did You Start Measuring?

Let’s be men about this… just about everybody has been insecure about the size of their penis at some point in time. Think back… when was the first time you whipped out a ruler to see how you measured up the the national average?

Many guys, myself included, have gone through some serieus penis size related anxiety in their teens. Some guys keep the anxiety up for well into middle age. I’ve spoken to guys with 7 inchers that were insecure about their penis size, and I’ve spoken to guys with 5 inchers that were perfectly content with their penis.

Small Penises… Big Penises…

In most cases, it’s not about the actual size of your penis. It’s all in your head. Very few guys have very small penises, although they certainly do exist. Likewise, very few guys have very large penises. And while this might seem like a source of envy… don’t think you’re gonna be living on cloud 9 forever if you have a very large penis. The larger your penis is, the more likely it is that your girlfriend becomes sore during penetration.

Think I’m kidding?

Big penised men get cheated on more often.

There you have it. Guys with extremely big penises are actually pretty good at harming their girls during sexual activities.

Ever had a look at ‘big dick’ porn? Ever seen a porn star with a 12 incher try to penetrate a teeny 18 year old girl? That monster cock doesn’t even fit, does it? It doesn’t even go in all the way. It can go in about 7 inches before it hits the uterus and that’s when things start to become painful.

What’s Your Angle?

Men are always going to be self conscious about their penis size. But you know, how large your own penis looks kind of depends on which angle you are looking at it. Looking down on your own penis is going to distort the perspective and make you feel like it’s smaller than it truly is.

Comparing it to other men’s penises is also not the best thing to do. You’re looking at another guy’s penis from another angle! It’s always gonna seem bigger, even if it’s exactly the same size.

Even if you want to determine the size of your own best friend as objectively as you can and whip out a ruler… you might still measure yourself the wrong size. Most guys cheat a little. They bury the ruler into their pubic bone with all the force they can muster.

And indeed, men report larger penis sizes when they themselves perform the measurement. When their wives or girlfriends perform the measurement, we get smaller results. 😉

There is an exception to be made for guys with upwards curved penises. These types of penises measure ‘short’ from the top and ‘long’ from the bottom. Since I have a curved penis myself, I like measuring mine from the side. I like to simply hold a ruler next to it and see how far it gets. Whatever it says on the ruler, that’s the depth of penetration I achieve when I am having sexual intercourse with a woman.

Let’s Have A Look At Some Recent Statistics

According to Medical News Today:

  • 85% Of all women are satisfied with their partner’s penis size. The men themselves less so.
  • 45% Of all guys believe their penis is small.
  • Average flacid length is 2.8 to 3.9 inches.
  • Average erect length is 4.7 to 6.3 inches.
  • Average erect circumference is 4.7 inches.

These statistics clearly show that guys are not cutting themselves enough slack when it comes to the size of their own penis!

Come on guys… 85% of women are satisfied with your size. If you happen to have one of those 15% of women who are not satisfied, then simply move on to the next girlfriend!

Either that, or get cracking with my step by step plan for increasing the size of your penis by exercising it.

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