6. How Can You Exercise The Penis To Become Larger?

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Many men, when first hearing about exercising the penis in order to make it bigger, will just laught it off and get on with their merry lives. However, if you’ve read any of the other articles on this website, then I’m sure you must be thinking to yourself that this might very well be the real deal. Indeed, there are many arguments to be made for why penis extension through exercise might actually be achievable.

Common myths surrounding natural penis enlargement center around the idea that, in order to train something to become bigger… it needs to be a muscle. And many people claim that the penis is simply not a muscle. I don’t know where this kind of baloney comes from, but it seems to me that it’s obvious that the penis does indeed have muscle tissue. So called ‘smooth muscle tissie’ to be exact. And lots of it, too!

The simple fact of the matter is that, in young healthy males, the amount of muscle in the penis makes up for about 50% of the total penis volume. Don’t tell me you still believe you can’t work out the penis, because you can! Like with the skeletal muscles you work out at the gym, ‘use it or lose it’ very much applies.

When you get older and you start neglecting your own best friend, you’re going to see a shrinking of the smooth muscle in the penis down to about 30%. When you’ve got this little muslce in your penis, you’re going to start noticing a serious size as well as a serious performance decrease.

It’s best to take care of your penis the same way that you’re taking care of your body (you are taking care of your body, aren’t you?). Because if you don’t, you’ll pay the price. Good health doesn’t come for free. And everytime you are having trouble getting motivated, just remember this… Mother Nature and Father Time are conspiring against you!

Individually, time and nature are already powerful forces. Once they join up, there’s no stopping them. They’ll turn you into a weak, old, impotent man… if you let them!

So how exactly do you exercise the penis in order for it to increase in size? Before we get to the basic information about penile exercises, first we’ll talk about the necessary preparations. I’m talking about the preparations of the mind. Because without the right mindset, you might as well not even get started. You’ll be doomed to fail.

The Psychology Of Naturally Increasing The Size Of Your Penis

In other posts on this website, I’ve already made the comparison between exercising your penis and exercising your pectorals. There is yet another analogy I would like to point out here.

Just like with going to the gym in order to exercise your skeletal muscles, you are going to have to set goals for yourself when it comes to performing penile exercises in order to exercise your smooth muscle.

Maybe you’ve been to the gym and maybe you haven’t. If you have, then no doubt you’ve seen people transform their bodies and you’ve seen people working out until they dropped dead without getting any decent results whatsoever.

Take it from me when I say that the ones that did get success, where the ones that set realistic, achievable goals for themselves. The ones that didn’t get success, are the ones that never set a goal for themselves. They have nothing to aim for. And when you have nothing to aim for, then naturally… you’re always going to miss!

But there is a big difference between penile exercise and gym exercise. When you are exercising at the gym, you will often ask one of your buddies to ‘spot you’. For all of you non gym goers reading this: a spotter stands at your sides while you are doing heavy lifting, to make sure you do not get crushed under the sheer weight of the barbell.

Penile exercise is not exactly as social as exercise at the gym is. Can you imagine yourself asking your best friend to give you a hand with your daily penile exercise routine? Unless you and your friend are gay lovers, this is unlikely to happen.

In by far the most cases, you will have to perform your penile exercises all by yourself. This means that nobody will be looking over your shoulder to see if you are consistenly performing your exercise. There is not going to be any peer pressure to ensure that you stick to it and get those results.

The fact of the matter is that you are going to have to want it bad enough that you are going to stick to the routine all by yourself. And if you don’t have the right mindset, you will fail.

If you have your mind set on quick results, you won’t get any results. Not even in the long term. You have to set realistic, long term goals. If you don’t set long term goals, you can exercise your willy until the sun swallows the earth. You still won’t get any results!

So What Kind Of Penis Size Increase Can I Realistically Achieve?

Experience has shown that it is entirely possible to accomplish significant gains in as little as three months. But you can keep up your exercises for much longer than that and gain even more size.

Realistically, you can gain at the very least 1 inch in length and 1 inch in girth. With plenty of determination and the required amount of self discipline, you can also realistically accomplish 2 inches in length increase and some addition girth increase on top of the 1 inch you already had.

There are known cases where guys managed to get no fewer than 3 inches of increase in penile length. But to be honest, these results aren’t typical. It’s okay though… because an increase of 2 inches is already going to make a world of difference in a man’s confidence and sex life.

Heck… even if you have a 4 incher, which is well below the average, then gaining 2 inches is going to put you at 6 inches, which is slightly higher than the average penis size.

For guys with true micro penises, which are no more than 2 inches when they are erect, it’s going to be hard to ever become average, penis size wise. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to turn that 2 incher into a 4 incher. This will still be below average, but at least you’ll be happy to know you’ve increased your penis size a full 100%.

It’s all relative, ofcourse. There are 4 inchers that would like to have a 6 incher and there are 6 inchers that would like to have an 8 incher. Whatever your starting situation is, it doesn’t matter that much.

As men, we simply want to improve on our current situation. We simply want to be better off than we previously were. And when it comes to enhancing your beloved manhood’s size, this is entirely possible. Just so long as you put in the effort!

Tell Me How To Exercise My Penis And Make It Bigger Already!

Alright, alright, alright!!

Basically, all you have to is apply a gentle amount of stress to your penis’ muscle. Just the way you do it in the gym. The difference is that in the gym you work out many differents kinds of muscles with many different kinds of exercises. With penile exercises, you only apply two kinds of ways:

  1. stretching
  2. squeezing

When you first start out exercising your penis, you are going to be performing some really basic exercises for the first few weeks.

As you might have guessed, the stretching exercises are for adding length and the squeezing exercises are for adding girth.


It’s very important that you do not start stretching your willy to far and too hard in too little time. For God’s sake, you’re trying to enhance it’s size, not get it to spill its guts about a deep dark secret. You’re not putting in on the pain bench here!

Your penis is your own best friend. So make sure to treat it friendly! When you first start stretching it, you’ll have to make sure you stretch it gently. This needs to go on for a few weeks, and that’s just to get your penis to get used to the stretching.


Don’t ever think about overdoing it with the squeezing either. It’s not like you’re handling a nearly empty tube of toothpaste here, so once again… go easy on your own best friend.

Squeezing is supposed to add girth to your penis over time. You’ll be using grips to perform these exercises. Like with stretching, this exercise starts out basic in the beginning and becomes more advanced as time progresses.

Kegel Exercises

Next to stretching and squeezing, there is another way to exercise your penis. And that’s by performing the Kegel (pronunciation: kay-gul) exercise.

Unlike the stretching and squeezing exercises, the Kegel exercise does not require you to use your hands. Instead, you’ll be using nothing else but your penis itself.

If you want to perform Kegel exercises, it would come in handy to have an erection first. You can do it without one, but it’s easier to do it with one.

To perform Kegel exercises, get an erection and start making your Johnson jump up and down. Now you’re exercising the muscles that control your penis. Like I said, you don’t require an erection. But it sure helps, because it’s a great visual aid to see your penis moving up and down. When you see him doing the dance, you’ll know you’re doing it right!

Increasing your penis health and also help you increase your libido.

What Exercise Routine Should You Follow?

Penile exercises may be performed every single day. Don’t do it for less than 10 minutes. And never do it more than 30 minutes.

There are men who do it once a week, there are men who do it three times a week (which is the recommended minimum) and then there are men who do it every single day of the week (which is the recommended maximum).

How Can You Make Sure Your Gains Are Permanent?

Let’s face it… a larger penis is not going to do any good unless it’s permanent. When you’ve invested months in performing penile exercises every day for 30 minutes, then you’re going to want to hang on to the results.

In most cases, the gains are permanent. But this is mostly because guys with a bigger penis end up using it more often, thereby naturally training and maintaining it.

If you want to make absolutely sure that your gains in penis size are permanent, then you can perform lighter exercises than the ones you’ve used to actually get the gains. Like the gain exercises, you’ll have to perform these exercises for at least a few months.

What About Penis Enlargement Devices To Give You That Extra Edge?

Like with penile exercises performed mainly with your own hands, penis enlargement devices work to increase your size by applying pressure to your penis.

The great thing about penis extenders is that you won’t have to do any work yourself in order to get size increases. But whereas penile exercises will only take you up to half an hour per day at most, extension devices are supposed to be worn for many hours per day.

The two methods (exercises & extenders) have their working based on the same principe (gently applied pressure over time).  And yet both are applied in very different ways.

The reality shows that men who make use of both penile exercises as well as penile enlargement devices, get by far the most impressive results.

Most men start out with the exercises and add the extenders later on. There’s nothing wrong with that. But just so long as you handle your penis gently, there is no risk of damaging yourself when you start both methods at the same time.

There are also men that choose to go with extenders alone, because they don’t feel like taking a half hour per day exercising their penis.

For the best results, I highly recommend that you go with both!

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