Got Big Feet? You Must Have A Big Penis, Then?

big footYou know what they say about guys with big feet, right?

Well, guess what… looks like you’ve been had. They yanked your chain. They played a joke on you. They screwed with your mind. It was a conspiracy all along! I’ll bet you’re feeling pretty confoodled now, don’t ya? 😉

The things that people believe about sex and the human body are absolutely hilarious. Most of the urban myths out there, simply aren’t true. And the big foot myth is one of those things. And when I say ‘big foot’ myth, I ain’t talkin’ about a sasquatch!

The Science To Back It All Up

big feetMany scientific research has been done on the topic. You’d be surprised at how much. But you know… there is a scientific reason for why a person might think that foot and penis size are somehow correlated.

There is gene called ‘Hox’ that plays a strong role in the regulation of the development of toes, fingers and penises. So if the gene is responsible for growing large fingers and toes, then surely it also grows large penises, does it not?

In one study, a mere 60+ guys were asked about their shoe size and their penis size. And as a matter of fact, there has been found a very weak link between the size of the guys’ feet and the size of their willies. And also their body length, by the way.

However, this study relied on reported shoe size. Who’s to say these guys are all wearing the right size shoes? Or that they even reported them correctly? Their feet were never measured, so the study is fairly flawed.

In Conclusion

Many such small and flawed studies have been done. Some say there is a weak link. Others say there is no link at all.

So what are we to conclude here? Well… if you ask me, you can stare at a guy’s feet all you want, and all that’s gonna tell ya is what kind of shoes he likes.


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