Do You Need A Penis Pump?

tire pumpEvery once in a while, I surf the web like any other normal human being.

And, also like any other normal human being, I sometimes stumble across some seriously stupid shit.

A few days ago, it came to my attention that tay payers have ponied up a rough $175 million for penis pumps in the span of a mere 6 years (2006 – 2011).

That comes down to well over $29 million per year!

With its 320 million inhabitats, the USA has paid almost 10 cents per person in taxes for penis pumps between 2006 and 2011.

Now… 10 cents per person might not seem like that much. A considerably higher amount of your precious tax money goes to the military. But still… $175 million is one heck of a lot of money!

And to think that the government paid double the retail price. It could’ve been 5 cents per person, for fuck’s sake.


It’s not a bad thing per se to spend a lot of money on something. But that something had better be something useful.

So… Do You Need A Penis Pump?

Let me be blunt…

No, you fucking don’t!

I’m not saying penis pumps are a waste of money or that they are completely useless. Penis pumps can be as useful to a person as the person’s own willingness to use them correctly.

What I am saying, is that there are better ways of taking good care of your penis health.

It’s dead simple, actually. Because as it turns out… all the stuff that you already know is bad for you and your heart, also happens to be bad for your penis.

  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Obesity
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Stress
  • Etc.

So before blowing a big wad’o dough on a penis pump, perhaps you ought to consider to simply live a healthy life. It’s far better to spend that precious penis pump money on a healthy diet and a gym membership so you can get some physical exercise.

Speaking Of Physical Exercise…

If you’ve visited this site before, then you’ll know what the real magic pill is towards better penis health.

In case you’re a newcomer to All About The Penis, here it is:

Physical Exercise For Your Penis

I’ve never met a guy who didn’t want a bigger, better, harder, healthier penis with more stamina than ever before.

Because those are the inevitable outcomes of a seriously planned and executed penile exercise training regimen.

And that’s exactly what I like about penis exercise so much. It gives you all those benefits completely for free!

And by ‘free’ I mean don’t have to blow any cash on it, like tax payers did on penis pumps.

You’ll still have to put in some time. You’ll still have to come up with a plan. You’ll still have to execute said plan.

But the fact of the matter is and always will be, that creating a better penis is literally in arm’s reach for everybody (pun intended).

And it won’t cost you one damn dime.

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