5. Do You Have A Small Penis?

do you have a small penis

It’s no secret that many guys are unhappy with their penis sizes. We are living in a society obsessed with consumerism and for most people, it’s all about keeping up with the Joneses next door. So naturally, when guys watch a porn flick (and we all know we do that sometimes, don’t we men?), they compare themselves to the huge dongs of the professional male porn actors that are featured in the film.

But is this really such a smart idea? You see, those male porn stars are selected because of the fact that they are well endowed. They’re supposed to be above average when it comes to penis size. That’s the whole reason why they got the job in the first place: because they have a huge penis!

What Exactly Is The Average Penis Length?

By definition, most men are going to have penises of average length. And this length happens to be between five and seven inches, usually centering around the six inch mark.

If you just so happen to be at the high end of the average, seven inches, then good for you… because you’ve been dealt a great hand in life by Mother Nature.

If you just so happen to be at the low end of the average, five inches, then it’s too bad that you have to be just below average. But fear not, because you and your five inch penis are still going to be perfectly capable of pleasing women all around the globe!

The point I’m trying to make here, fellas, is that you should make sure that you don’t have a twisted look at the size of your penis. Don’t go telling yourself you have a small one if it’s ‘only’ five inches.

It’s perfectly normal to want a bigger penis when you’ve got a fiver. But hell… even guys with a seven inch tool want a bigger penis. Everybody always wants to improve upon his own situation. It’s completely natural.

What Do Early Studies Have To Say About Penis Size?

Way back in the good ole’ days of the 1940’s, a certain Dr. Kinsey was already studying penis sizes. To this day, his motivations for doing so remain unknown. This was in the days of the great sexual revolution, so perhaps he was just feeling frisky.

Kinsey chose to have a study about penis size amongst college going males. He asked over 3000 of them to submit their penis size to him. The outcome of this study was that the average penis size was 6.21 inches.

But there’s a problem with young guys going to college that are able to fill out any number on a piece of paper without anybody looking over their shoulder to see if they are cheating.

I think it’s safe to assume that they were, in fact, cheating. So therefore, this very first penis size study was not very accurate. Not scientifically speaking, at least.

Many more studies have been held since, and these studies have yielded much more accurate results. As it turns out, the average penis size is much closer to about 5.9 inches, which is just below what most people think the average is: about 6 inches.

Penis Lengths All Around The Globe

Let’s have a look at the map, shall we!

Click here to have a look.

Looking at the world map of penis sizes, we can see that there is an uneven distribution in the world when it comes to well endowedness.

Many Southern countries, such as Venezuela, Columbia and Bolivia are doing pretty damn well in the penis department. But Sudan, in Africa, has also been dealt a pretty good hand in the penis department.

Some European countries such as France, Italy and Holland also have some of the luckiest men in the world.

Unfortunately for the United States, it’s not number one in the world when it comes to having large willies. Heck… the US even scores below average, because they’re light red on the map and not yellow.

But things could be worse. Those poor, poor Chinese. Oh well!

This particular map shows sizes in centimeters. And since 1 inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters, 4 inches is very close to 10 centimeters. Just to give you an idea.

The Chinese score slightly below the 4 inch mark. Statistically, they are the smallest penis sized people in the world. But even 4 inch penises can be extended through proper use of penile exercises or devices to extend the penis.

So How Important Is Penis Size, Really?

There is no doubt about the fact that penis size definitely matters to men. But to women, it doesn’t always matter as much as you think. You hear a lot of clich├ęs such as “it’s all about the motion of the ocean”. As it turns out, these words of wisdom are actually true to a large extent.

I’m not saying that there aren’t any women out there that simply adore big penises, because there are. But with those women, even a guy with a healthy 6 inch tool runs the risk of being laughed at. When a woman laughs at you in the sack over your penis size, it pretty much says everything about her character and absolutely nothing about your penis.

There are plenty of guys with small to average weeners who have been perfectly able to find a woman and please her on a consisten basis. You can also use your tongue and your fingers, you know.

And don’t think guys with giant monster dongs are living on Cloud 9 their entire lives. Some have penises so monstrously huge (I’m talking 10+ inches here) that they can’t even fit those entirely inside the woman they’re trying to make love to.

And when they do try, the woman ends up suffering pain because the penis thrusts up against her uterus. Don’t think for one second that being among the top 1% (penis size wise) would’ve made you the happiest man in the world.

Penis size is not essential to your ability to please a woman. It takes more than a big penis alone. I can think of at least one thing right off the bat… stamina! What use is a large penis if it blows its load after being in action for a mere 2 minutes?

Most women would rather have a smaller penis that lasts for 2 hours.

To wrap this issue up (and I’m sure you’ve already heard this somewhere else but I’m just gonna hammer the point home once and for all), women have the lion’s share of their vaginal nerve endings within the very first 2 inches of their vaginal entrance.

This means that, in theory, all you need is 2 inches!

In practice, the sexual position you are taking on is going to determine how far you’ll be able to penetrate the woman’s vagina, ofcourse. But it’s safe to say that even the Chinese and their 4 inch penises will be able to bring most women to a climax with their existing penile length.

Provided they give the woman enough foreplay and that they stimulate her vagina with their fingers before entering her, ofcourse.

Women’t don’t care about penis size nearly as much as men do. Women would rather have a penis with girth. Those are the kinds of penises that they can feel really well against the walls of their vaginas.

So Do You Really Not Need A Bigger Penis Then?

Here’s the tricky part of the story. A long time ago, Dr. Brian Richards held a study among a group of men that were going to perform penile exercises over the course of 3 months. Prior to the exercises, their girlfriends and wives were interviewed on the importance of penis size.

At the time, the women expressed that they didn’t think the length of a man’s penis was very important.

However, after a few months of performing penis extending exercises, the men had on average gained over 1 inch of length and also about 1 inch in girth.

Most women changed their minds when it came to penis size after those couple of months of performing exercises. The men were also happy with their new penis and reported that their women were moaning a lot harder because of it.

The women themselves were surprised at their increased infatuation with their men’s bigger penises.

So whether you really need a bigger penis, is entirely up to you. Most women won’t leave you over an average penis size. But if you think you are going to have a better sex life by improving upon the length of your own best friend, then the choice to act upon that desire is yours to make.

Are Penile Exercises Right For You?

Even when your penis is of above average size, then penile exercises can still help you make more of your sex life. These exercises I speak of are not only for increasing the size of your young man. The list of advantages that exercising your willy will bring you, is a lengthy one!

  • more orgasms
  • stronger orgasms
  • rockhard erections
  • longer lasting erections
  • more ejaculate
  • more confidence
  • increased libido
  • straighter penis
  • etc.

I could probably add a few more things to the list fo fluff it up and make it even lengthier, but I”m not going to do that. I think you get the picture by now.

What If I Can’t Get Results With Penile Exercises?

First of all, you don’t know whether or not these kinds of exercises work for you until you’ve tried them. They work in most men and the men that don’t get results aren’t being consistens enough with their exercises.

It’s also possible that you don’t want to risk damaging your penis by incorrectly performing the lengthening exercises. Or there is the very real possibility that you’re just too lazy to get started.

There is another way to extend your penis length without having to do the exercises. Lately, penis extenders have proven to work wonders in increasing penis size, as well as being able to straighten curved penises.

What Is The Best Way Of Measuring Your Penis?

If you have taken the decision to extend your penis in length, either through exercises or an extender device, then you are going to want to figure out how exactly you are going to measure your penis.

Especially while lengthening your penis, you will want to make sure that you measure it the same way every single time that you measure it. It makes no sense cheating yourself or fooling yourself in any way. You’re going for real results here and you want to know your exact gains!

Since you want to improve on your length as well as your girth (or so I safely assume), you’ll want to measure both.

How To Measure Penis Length!

In order to find out how long your penis is, get a straight edge ruler. When you have an erection, stand up and hold the ruler besides your penis. Press it into your skin so your pubic bone stops you from pressing it further. This results in the most accurate measurements.

Make sure to hold it beside your penis and not above or below it. Especially for curved penises, measuring above and below can yield completely different results. I believe that measuring beside the penis is the way to go, because this will actually give you the length that you penetrate your women with.

Make sure you measure your length the same way every time. When standing up the first time you measure it, also make sure you measure it standing up the second time and all times after that. You don’t want to screw up your measuring results because that would be a waste of your precious time.

How To Measure Penis Girth!

For measuring the girth of your penis, a straight edge ruler isn’t going to work.

You can, however, use a piece of lint to wrap around your penis and then hold it next to the straight edge ruler you’ve already used to measure your length.

An even easier way of measuring girth would be to just use a flexible measuring tape instead of a ruler.

Whichever method you go by, make sure to measure the penis at 3 locations:

  1. base
  2. middle
  3. head

Measuring your girth like this will give you the most accurate results you can get.

In Summary

Most men do not have a small penis.

Most men do want a bigger penis.

Most women don’t even care but change their minds after their hubby gets a larger one.

You can naturally increase penis size by either performing penile exercises or making use of a penis extender.

Using exercises in combination with extenders can yield even better results, because their workings are based different things (muscle training for exercises, tissue mass enhancement for extenders).

When taking action to improve on your size, always make sure that you already know how to measure. Be consistent with your measurements as well.

Good luck!

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