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The Reddit Jelq Guy Was Onto Something!

big sausageIt was a long time ago already that user TheMasque from Reddit did an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit about everybody’s favorite shower pastime… the jelq!

If you don’t know what the Jelq is… it’s an exercise that you can do to make your penis bigger. And that’s both length as well as girth. Everybody ought to be doing them, really.

Anyway… if a random Reddit user doesn’t convince you that this is in fact the real deal, then have a look at this page and let me know how you feel.

So it’s been a few years already since TheMasque answered the questions of a bunch of nosy fellow Redditors suffering from penis envy. I’m surprised TheMasque did not get a whole lot more attention. I’m sure most people still think that natural dick enhancement is a scam (which I assure you it is not).

Here’s TheMasque’s Reddit AMA.

And here are some of the most important takeaways (the TL;DR version, if you please):


  • did not believe in jelqing and its promised results at first
  • decided to inform himself and give it a shot anyway
  • made jelqing a shower habit
  • regarded it as a long term project
  • jelqed irregularly
  • did not stick to any particular program or training schedule
  • now has a way more flexible foreskin, that retracts all the way over the head
  • is now better able to penetrate because of increased foreskin flexibility
  • is now able to have harder erections that last longer
  • has much better orgasm control
  • feels more confident being naked before and after sex
  • increased the size of his flaccid penis
  • increased the size of his erect penis by a quarter inch
  • noticed a small reversion when he stopped jelqing
  • also noticed permanent gains

Now I don’t know about you guys… but I strongly feel that this guy’s sex life has seen an incredible quality improvement, just from having done a few minutes of jelqing every day for 3 months.

And this is all without even having a decent plan or training schedule to stick to.

Now guys… I want you to stop and think for a moment.

What if you would take this super seriously, if even for a few months. And what if you would actually come up with a plan for yourself. What if you took the time to warm that penis up, like you’re supposed to? What if you would also incorporate stretching into your daily routine? What if you also incorporated Kegels?

Do you think you might be able to gain a half inch at the very least?

Because I’m thinking you can. And I’m thinking that even one whole inch is within your reach, just so long as you want it bad enough.

Jelqing’s real. Reddit user TheMasque’s and many others’ unsollicited testimonials prove it.

Here’s the Jelqing subreddit.

Don’t just read, you guys. Act on this. You will not be disappointed!