3. Can Penile Exercises Increase The Size Of Your Penis?

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One single picture really can say more than 1000 words, can’t it?

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Just about every guy I’ve ever run into that was also honest and open enough to talk about it, admitted to me that they wouldn’t mind having a bigger penis. But hardly anybody believes that it is actually possible. After all, we’ve been conditioned by the society we live in to be wary of people making claims that sound too good to be true.

After all, when something sounds too good to be true, it must be too good to be true! It’s completely understandable as well. We work hard for our money and are not eager to blow it on scams and hoaxes. Everybody knows there is no quick & easy fix to combat baldness and obesity either. Therefore, penis enlargement must als be untrue, right?

Is Penis Enlargement Too Good To Be True?

I must confess… up until a few years ago, penis enlargement did kind of deserve the kind of reputation that it had. But in the last few years, so much progress has been made in this area that we can safely say that penis enlargement’s image problem has been completely turned upside down. Not only has there been lots of research on this topic, there have also been made advances in penis extender technology.

You do not necessarily have to take my word for it when I tell you that this stuff is the real deal. With the advent of penis extenders and penis enlargement exercises that actually work, more and more people on the web are reporting their success stories.

Other Men’s Experiences

As a matter of fact, it is not completely unheard of for a guy to increase his penile length with about a quarter of an inch in only two weeks or so. And it gets better. Not only can you increase the length of your penis, you can also increase the girth of your penis. Now what man in his right mind would say no to that, eh?

Years ago, a survey was conveyed among almost 1000 men. This survey showed that with 3 months of performing penile exercises, the average guy had won a whole inch in length and no less than half an inch in girth.

Now if those aren’t impressive results for performing a few exercises every day for only 3 months… then I don’t know what is! You can’t expect penile surgery to give you increases such as this. And surgery will cost you thousands of dollars, which most people don’t even have this day and age.

But don’t think that you have to stop at just one inch. There are known cases of men that managed to grow their penises from 4.5 inches up to 8 inches in length. This is a mindshattering increase of 3.5 inches. Alright, I admit… this is not representative of the average gain that a guy will get. But still… it’s nice to know what’s possible, is it not?

If you are truly serious about extending the length of your penis, and maybe increase its girth as well, then you can. All it takes is a bit of determination, self confidence and self discipline. Penile enhancement is a reality, men!

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Debunking Penis Enlargement Myths Once And For All

Through physical penile exercises, you can extend the size of your penis. This is the claim. When guys hear it, often they’ll say it’s a bunch of hooey, point at you, laugh at you, walk away and start a rumor behind your back about what a nutcase you are.

Well, those kind a guys are shooting themselves in the foot, because they’re flat out wrong.

Is The Penis A Muscle?

What you’ll often hear, is that you can not exercise the penis because it is not a muscle. This is just utter garbage, because the penis just so happens to be 50% made of muscle. Sure, there are other types of tissue in there, but it’s still 50% muscle. And if something’s a muscle, you can train it!

The fact of the matter is that your penis muscle isn’t like the other muscles in your body. The penis muscle is much more smooth than your skeletal muscles. As a matter of fact, it’s the same kind of smooth muscle that you also find inside of your blood vessels and your organs.

The great thing about smooth muscle is that, just like skeletal muscle, it also responds to exercise. Physical exercise is nothing more than placing stress on the muscles, which then promptly respond by growing bigger and stronger so they are better able to cope with the next attack.

Smooth muscle is incredibly important to a penis. Not every guy has the same amount of smooth muscle, however. It can range from 30% to 50% of the total penis’ volume. As I am sure you were already suspecting, the more smooth muscle you have, the better.

You may be aware that, as men grow older, their penises shrivel up and their erections get weaker by the year (assuming they are able to get erections at all). The reason for this is that, with age, you gradually lose muscle. But that’s only if you don’t train your muscles!

Muscle tissue has the great advantage of responding to training just as well in your sixties as it does in your twenties. This is a great benefit and you’d be an idiot not to make use of it. By performing penile enlargement exercises, you can:

  • enhance the size of your manhood
  • increase the girth of your best friend
  • improve the hardness of your erections
  • extend the duration of your erections

Penile enlargement exercises will increase the volume of your penis’ smooth muscle. This is what essentially gives you all the above named advantages.

The smooth muscle in the penis pretty much works exactly the opposite way you’d expect it to work. It spends most of its time contracted and it isn’t until its owner becomes sexually aroused that the muscle starts relaxing.

Once that happens, blood starts flowing into the penis. At this point, the smooth muscle will expand and you get an erection. It’s easy to see that, the more smooth muscle you got, the larger your erection is going to be.

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Do You Require Erection Drugs To Increase Erection Size?

First of all, erection drugs are meant to give you an erection, not increase its size. But then again, it is true that the harder your erection is, the larger it will be.

But to answer the question…

No, you do not. This is a big load of baloney, because deep down inside everybody knows that erection drugs give you a quick fix for only one night. The next day, your willy is flacid again. Until you pop another blue pill, that is.

Most men that suffer from erectile dysfunction, are already in their fifties or sixties. Naturally, they blame the condition on aging, which pretty much takes away their feeling of responsibility.

So they naturally either withdraw from having sexual intercourse with their wives or they start popping pills, if you know what I mean. Big mistake, because if there’s one thing you don’t need in your life it’s another addiction to medication.

It would be much better if guys would just take better care of their penis, so it stays healthier. The same rules go for the penis that go for the rest of the body. Just make sure it stays healthy and you can expect it to keep on functioning well into old age.

Exercising your penis can:

  • increase blood flow
  • give you harder erections
  • permanently increase your penis size

You just have to find the will power to actually do it.

Is There A Quick And Easy Fix When It Comes To Enlarging The Penis?

No, there is not. And you should be happy about that!


Because if I were claiming that you can easily increase the size of your dong over night for the low, low price of a hundred bucks, then you’d know I’d be lying and you’d be right!

The reality of the situation is that it is going to take time. It is going to take time the same way that bulking up your pectorals in the gym is going to take time. It is going to take time the same way that improving your stamina through condition training (jogging, etc.) is going to take time.

Slow and steady wins the race. It has always been like that. Nothing worth having is easy to get. If you want to get a bachelors or a masters degree, you’re also going to have to put in your time to exercise your brain. It’s just that simple. I could go on with lots more examples for quite some time.

You won’t be able to increase your penis by a whole inch in one week. It’s more likely that you’ll be able to get a whole inch in one year. You can do it faster if you like. Say, 6 months. It all depends on how consistently you exercise your penis.

But don’t think the more you exercise it, the more length you’ll gain. Like with physical exercise for your pecs, the exercise stops being useful at some point. There is only so much performance you can squeeze out of the human body, whether you’re talking about your willy or your chest.

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Are The Effects Of Penis Enlargement Due To Exercises Temporary?

After having compared penile exercises (for improving penile length) to physical exercises (for improving body definition), many guys are bound to think that the effect of exercise will disappear.

After all, once you stop hitting the gym, your increased muscle mass will soon decrease. So therefore, it must work like that for the penis as well, right? If you stop working it out, its length gains are going to melt like snow in the sun?


The great thing about the penis is that its muscle is going to be in action pretty much every day of your life. Especially if you’ve used penile exercises to boost your erections back to teenage levels again. Let’s face it… once your willy is in good health, you’re going to use it!

The every day exercise that your penis muscle gets through normal, every day erections, is enough to hold on to the gains in length and girth that you’ve managed to put on with penile exercises.

It is still possible to lose your gains, though. But this will most likely be your own fault. Sure, some guys might be genetically blessed some way or another to hold on to their penis length gains, while others aren’t blessed as much. But I maintain that you have control over your results yourself.

If you are afraid of losing your gains, then you’d better make sure you exercise your penis plenty of times. Either through getting erections, masturbating or having sex. It doesn’t make any difference to your penis. The penis doesn’t care what kind of exercise it’s given. Just so long as you exercise it!

Can You Damage Your Penis By Exercising It?

Not if you do it right, it can’t.

First of all, it goes without saying that you need to know what you’re doing. Don’t just start stretching your willy assuming that the results will come in due time.

Second of all, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to overtrain your penis. You wouldn’t spend 4 hours in the gym overtraining your pectorals, would you? Then also don’t overtrain your penis muscle.

Overtraining can lead to temporary erectile dysfunction. If you overtrain consistently, you run the risk of damaging your penis permanently. It’s a real bad idea, so just don’t do it. The results won’t come any quicker, either.

If you’re serious about penis enlargement, you’re really going to have to get rid of the quick fix mindset, because it will only work to your disadvantage.

It’s like with hitting the gym. Deep down inside, you know you’re going to have to make this a habit, don’t you? You know the results won’t come overnight. Instead, you’ll transform yourself slowly over time.

It is exactly the same with penis exercises.

In Summary

Penis enlargement is the real deal. Real gains can be accomplished through either penile exercises or by making use of penis extension devices.

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