Tim Shaw’s Penis Enlargement Experiment

Tim Shaw Of Channel 4 Proves Natural Penis Enlargement Is Real!!!

Not too long ago, reporter Tim Shaw caved in to the temptation of naturally increasing the size of his penis. He wanted to know if it was really possible and was determined to find out the answer once and for all! Like many other men, Tim Shaw had a secret desire for a penis of greater length and girth. Read on to learn more about what he found out!

Tim Shaw Soon Discovered That You Really Can Get A Bigger Penis!

Tim Shaw’s program is called ‘Extreme Male Beauty’ and it is aired on Channel 4 in the UK. In the holy quest for a prettier body, Tim set out to try multiple penis enlargement products, one of which was… SizeGenetics, which has been dubbed ‘The Rolls Royce of penis extenders’, by BBC’s Jonathan Ross.

“Check that out! And the new one now measures in at 8 stonking inches… yes!””I don’t think I’m 8 inches… hell… I KNOW I’m 8 inches!!!”

Tim Shaw, Extreme Male Beauty, Channel 4


Tim Shaw Shuts Up The Critics Once And For All By Growing His Penis Half An Inch In 2 Weeks!

Tim Shaw’s beauty program is well received by many, and after his special penis enlargement episode… its success went through the roof. Tim Shaw has proven once and for all that penis enlargement is real. In order to come up with the end-all evidence to shut up the nay sayers once and for all, Tim made casts of his penis before and after his attempts at natural enlargement!

Tim’s gains are no less than downright shocking! By trying out SizeGenetics, he managed to gain half an inch in a matter of 2 weeks!

Half an inch length gain in only 2 weeks!”

Additionally, Tim was glad that he was finally able to actually do something to make himself more of a man! He named SizeGenetics the ‘holy grail’ of natural penis extension. He expresses his joy at being closer to becoming the perfect man and from the smile on his face you can easily tell he means it!!!

You should see the look on his wife’s face when he shows her the ‘after cast’ of his penis. She tries to stay calm, but we all know what she’s thinking! There’s going to be some naughty bedroom fun in Tim’s very near future!


Penis Enlargement Is Here To Stay!

If Tim Shaw, a regular guy just like you and me, can get a bigger penis… then so can you! With evidence this strong out on display for the world to see, there is no more reason for doubt!


 Other Public Media SizeGenetics Endorsements

 1) Channel 4 journalist Tim Shaw grew his penis to 8.5 inches in 2 weeks!
 2) Jonathan Ross Of the BBC dubs SizeGenetics as the “Rolls Royce of penis enlargement”.
 3) GQ Magazine’s writer James Mullinger grows his penis to over 7 inches in only 4 months!


Order Today With The Peace Of Mind Of Knowing That A Larger Penis Is Withing Your Grasp!

For many years, your only options were penis pills and surgical methods. Since we all know these methods don’t work and are just a waste of money… it’s about time to jump aboard the natural penis enlargement bandwagon!

In the last few years, the media have gotten behind penis enlargement. SizeGenetics is the real deal! Penis length gains of up to 2-3 inches is a very real possibility for those of you that really put their mind to it!

Just imagine how a bigger penis could change your whole life for the better!!!


Just Ask Yourself…

1. How much confidence would you gain from a longer penis with more girth?

2. How much would your male friends envy you when you grow a penis larger than theirs?

3. How many more women would you be able to impress with a large cock?


You Can Have A Bigger Dong Before The End Of Next Month!!!

By ordering your very own SizeGenetics penis extender right now, you are setting yourself up for a lot of success with the ladies! Imagine being able to stuff your girlfriend or wife with a larger and thicker penis. She’s going to be grateful!!!

Sure… many women say penis size doesn’t matter. But that’s because they don’t want to harm their man’s feelings. The fact of the matter is that women never stop thinking back to their previous boyfriends that had bigger penises than you did.

Well… that’s about to end now. Because with the SizeGenetics natural penis enlargement system, YOU TOO will be able to become a member of the big penis club! And a lot sooner than you think.

And once you do, you’ll be able to make love longer, harder and deeper. Women love nothing more than big cocked man with lots of self confidence and stamina in the sack!


Mae West said it best when she said…

“A hard man is good to find!”


There’s Only One Real Solution For A Bigger Penis…

Jonathan Ross was spot on when he said that SizeGenetics is the Rolls Royce of penis extension. I wouldn’t recommend any other product on the market today!

SizeGenetics has many customers worldwide, most of which managed to get very good results with the system! And those that didn’t weren’t serious about getting gains in penis size anyway…

The fact of the matter is that SizeGenetics is pretty darn revolutionary. Never before was there such a simple, easy and non invasive way of naturally enlarging your penis permanently!!!

Well over a 10,000 satisfied customers can not be wrong so order now and grow your penis to a new size you’ve always dreamed of!

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