Mikey’s Size Genetics Penis Enlargement Testimonial

 Mikey’s Erection Before Size Genetics Mikey’s Erection After Size Genetics
 Mikey’s Flaccid Penis Before Size Genetics Mikey’s Flaccid Penis After Size Genetics

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Mikey’s Written Testimonial To Size Genetics

Mikey, Norfolk (UK)

Dear Size Genetics,

When I first learned of your device for making a penis larger, I was sceptical like just about everybody else. Upon receiving your device, the scepticism quickly made place for fear of having it severely injure my penis, lol!

But I must honestly confess… your device truly works. At first, it wasn’t easy to wear. It took me about a month before I had gotten used to it. I had to stuff a sock in there together with the device, in order to make it comfortable enough for me to wear.

Now I understand that I’ll never have a 9″ cock. I never had a really big penis and I had promised myself I’d be happy if I could just gain a single inch. I wasn’t going to disappoint myself by having unrealistic expectations.

I’ve been wearing your device on a regular basis for 4 months now. And there is no denying that it actually works! Just have a look at the photos I am sending along.

Great product and good customer support as well!

Let’s get down to the statistics.

My starting measurements are:

Flaccid : 2.9″
Erect: 4.8″

My gains measurements are:

Flaccid : 4.0″
Erect : 5.5″

I promised myself I’d be happy with a single inch, and that’s what I almost gained! I will keep wearing the device for the coming months, as I believe more gains are possible for me.

Thank you, Size Genetics!



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