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Joe’s Written Testimonial To Size Genetics

Dear Size Genetics,

I was always very unhappy about my smaller than average penis. Despite my better knowledge, I have tried penis pills in the past. I’ve tried other methods of increasing my manhood as well, but nothing ever worked.

You won’t be surprised to hear that I was very sceptical of Size Genetics’ penis extension device when I first came across it. But being desperate, I wasn’t going to dismiss the device right off the bat.

I was pleasantly surprised to find testimonials from guys that used the device and had managed to achieve real, measurable results with it.

The proof pictures got me excited enough that it made me want to try it out myself. So I ordered your system and received it not long after in the mail.

I did not waste much time when I received your package. First I watched the DVD and read all the instructions. I was wearing the device about 3 minutes after finishing the DVD, lol!

I was expecting it to be an uncomfortable wear. But it was much more comfortable than I had anticipated. Wearing it for a longer period of time, I quickly got used to it and didn’t even notice it was there anymore.

I’ve been wearing the device for 5 days a week, on average 3 to 4 hours per day.

The results are astounding! I went from being mildly sceptic to being an absolute believer! And if you think I’m enthusiastic, you should see my wife!

My confidence is at an all time high and here’s to hoping I’ll get more gains in the near future!

Thank you very much, Size Genetics!

With kind regards,


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