17. Advanced Penile Exercises – Where To Go After Wrapping Up The Beginner’s Routine?

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Alright, so you’ve exercised your penis for either one or two months with the beginner’s training program. And now you’re wondering where to go from here on out?

Every beginner’s exercise program ends with a different result. You may have gotten significant gains already. Or you may not have gotten any gains at all. Whatever your situation is, after a month or two of beginner’s training, you’re ready for the more advanced training.

But What If I Haven’t Seen Gains With The Beginner’s Training Program? Is This Penis Enlargement Crap Just A Big Hoax?

No, it’s really not.

Let’s say that you’re one of those guys that hasn’t been able to get significant gains in the first month or two. Don’t start running around screaming desperately like a headless chicken, because there’s no man overboard just yet!

The reason for why you haven’t seen any gains, is most likely because the beginner’s intensity level was too low for you. Penises are like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. Some guys require more intensity than others to grow.

And by god, after successfully completing the beginner’s training program, you’re more than ready for an increase in intensity. You see, you’ve conditioned your penis to get used to training in the past weeks. Your penis could never have taken the advanced training well if you hadn’t done the beginner’s training first!

You might very well get your very first gains when notching up the intensity a little. And if notching up the intensity doesn’t work, then there’s still no man overboard. There can be many reasons for why you are not gaining penis size.

If you’ve been exercising your cock for a very long time and the gains just don’t want to come… stay calm and take a few steps back! You’re most likely doing something wrong and you need a clear head to figure out what it is.

When not sure what’s going wrong, it can often help to go back and reread all the stuff that you read before getting started. Revisiting your study material (whether it is this website or some other information source) can often work wonders.

You’d be surprised at how much information you’ve missed the first time you read something. Going back for a reread will, more often than not, lead to a whole new understanding of the topic you are trying to master.

So never give up. Always keep trying and those gains are gonna be comin’ your way sooner than you think!

Alright, So How Do I Advance My Penis Exercises To The Next Level?

At the core of advanced training, lies an increased intensity.

Let’s review the available exercises and see what we can do to increase the intensity:

  1. Kegels
  2. Jelqs
  3. Stretches

How Do I Increase Kegel Intensity?

  1. Perform more Kegels per exercise
  2. Use longer contraction times per Kegel.
  3. Do more Kegel exercises per training day.
  4. Increase your training days per week.

How Do I Increase Jelq Intensity?

  1. Get a harder erection while performing jelqs.
  2. Start performing jelqs in multiple directions.
  3. Perform longer lasting jelqs (take more time to move from base to head).
  4. Perform more jelqs per set.
  5. Do more sets per jelq exercise.
  6. Do more jelq exercises per training day.
  7. Increase your training days per week.

How Do I Increase Stretch Intensity?

  1. Get a slightly harder erection while performing stretches.
  2. Stretch your penis for a longer time.
  3. Stretch your penis in more directions than the basic four.
  4. Perform more stretches per set.
  5. Do more sets per stretch exercise.
  6. Do more stretch exercises per training day.
  7. Increase your training days per week.

That Easy, Eh?

Well, I wouldn’t say easy. Simple is more like it. But easy…? You’re still going to have to actually do it!

Besides the obvious things such as doing a certain exercise more often and for longer, we also see some entirely new stuff popping up in these lists of suggested intensity increases.

Take jelqing in multiple directions for example. Holding your penis at various angles while jelqing can definitely help get you more results. With any kind of physical training, it’s always a good idea to mix stuff up and get some variety in that training program.

Another one that you may have forgotten about, is working out with stronger erections. With jelqing, you’ll be able to work with harder erections than you would with stretches.

With jelqs you move your grip from the bottom of the penis to the top. It’s easy to see why an advanced penile exercises could easily do with a harder erection without wounding himself.

But stretching is another story. With stretches, the penis still needs to be flexible. That means you can’t afford to have much more than half an erection when performing stretch exercises. It just wouldn’t work. Trying to do so anyway will more than likely not end well for you.

So What Does An Advanced Penile Training Exercise Look Like?

Once you’re ready to move on to advanced exercises, you are basically knowledgeable enough that you can determine your own training schemes.

There are plenty of suggestions that I could give you, but I’m going to save those for another post.

For now, let me give you a few pointers that you can use to move yourself to advanced penis practice in order to get more and better results!

I personally think it is a very good idea to move on up slowly, what with overtraining being a real bitch and all.

By gradually increasing intensity, you can always be going more advanced without running the risk of overtraining.

A lot of guys I know will simply add 1 minute of exercise every single week. That’s a great way of slowly upping the level.

So whatever it is you’re going to do to put yourself on the next level, just make sure you’re training a little harder than a beginner would.

I would also highly recommend mixing up your training days and resting days. That way, you keep your penis from becoming conditioned.

It’s the same as with gym training for your pectorals. Don’t always do the same routine. Every once in a while, mix up the whole routine!

Always keep your penis guessing as to what’s coming next. It can greatly help you keeping the gains up!

In Summary

No man should ever attempt penile exercises without having read up and without having successfully completed the beginner’s training program.

Once you’ve done both, it’s time to move on up to the next level with an advanced training program.

Advanced training basically translates to increasing the intensity of your exercises.

Always use your common sense and keep listening to the signals your penis is sending out to you. Take a break if necessary.

When exercising at the advanced level, mix up your routine routinely, because this will help you avoid plateaus.

Detailed advanced penis exercise training programs will be published on All About The Penis in the future.

In the meantime, good luck with the training!

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